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Diner, Tres Piedras, New Mexico

The old Diner at the junction of US 64 and US 285 Tres Piedras, NM. Looking through the windows of the old diner takes me back many years when one could get a really good green chile cheese burger here. The routes, US 64 from the Outer Banks, in North Carolina and US 285 from Sanderson Texas still intersect here. Alas… no one is getting a burger anymore much less a coffee. That said, the Chili Line Depot, a little ways up the road on US 285, will welcome your with home cooking and “pie”. Hey, thanks for looking. G

The Diner, Tres Piedras, New Mexico

3 thoughts on “Diner, Tres Piedras, New Mexico”

  1. There is something very Unique about these disappearing Iconic Diners. Can only Imagine how many Existed on Rte. 64 during their Heyday. Great photo of Memories past…. Several still operate throughout Northern New England – and are a Refreshing Glimpse to revisit the Past.

      • While building my former Strawbale house on the mesa near Tres Piedras I spent many mornings and lunches at the Cozart diner at the intersection of 285 and 64 .It was the locals hang out in the years is was out there 2001-2006 good breakfasts great lunch of Green Chile Cheeseburgers


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