The Diner, Tres Piedras, (Three Rocks), New Mexico

The Diner in Tres Piedras, (Three Rocks), New Mexico. The diner at the junction of US 285 and US 64 is long gone now but, was reputed to have had the best green chili cheese burgers around the region. At least that’s what my meat eating friends told me. I’ll have the green chili in a bowl with the cheese grated on top, hold the meat. If you’re looking for good food in Tres Piedras these days check out the Chili Line Depot. Thanks for looking. G

The Diner, Tres Piedras, (Three Rocks), New Mexico

8 thoughts on “The Diner, Tres Piedras, (Three Rocks), New Mexico

  1. Hi you got my mouth watering. Veggie great for me too. Only take away places open in England eating out a thing of the past.

    1. Interesting issue… I can’t donate blood anymore because I traveled to the UK during mad cow disease, but I’m a vegetarian. I doesn’t matter, nobody will take my free blood. I donated a few gallons over the years. Oh well their loss. Thanks Alison. G

    1. I think I took you there on one of our many trips. I bet you have photos of this and the ancient Holiday Inn sign a few yards up the road. Thanks Ron. G

  2. The diner did have the best back in the day & The Green Chile Depot gets my nod as the current reigning “Cheeseburger Chief “ – the families involved in those 2 businesses makes for some interesting conversation as well…

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