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White-faced Ibis, White Recliner, Ranch Cowboys, Muskrat Video.

It’s been a fun three weeks of photo tours and workshops. I get a break next week and head out again shortly after. Thanks to all those who have joined me. I have dates open through the rest of the year and beyond if you are interested in a one-on-one photography experience.

White-faced Ibis
White-faced Ibis, Arroyo Hondo, NM

White Recliner
White Recliner Carson National Forest, NM

Ranch gate cowboys
Ranch gate cowboy cutouts with setting moon, Taos NM.

I shot this short video of one of the few Muskrats we watched in the Valle Vidal (Valley of Life) last summer. Looking forward to getting back to the high country this summer on extended photography trips and some relaxation.

Thanks for looking. Keep staying well and healthy. Geraint

Carson National Forest Road 437, Garcia Park, NM

Carson National Forest, FR 437, to Garcia Park, New Mexico today. This meadow was going off and creating a golden reflecting light source for the whole area around. It was a special drive on our annual visit to see the colors up high at 9800 + feet above sea level. If you have the opportunity to get out up into the mountains this week, I would highly recommend it. P.S. Look up in the sky tonight for the Moon, Jupiter and Saturn in close proximity. Thanks for looking. G

Carson National Forest, FR 437 Garcia Park, New Mexico

Comanche Point, Valle Vidal, New Mexico

Comanche Point, in the Valle Vidal Unit of the Carson National Forest, New Mexico. We went to the mountains yesterday, to the Shuree Ponds in the Valle Vidal. Spent a couple of hours at the ponds with all kinds of birds, Brewers and Red-winged Blackbirds, Mountain Bluebirds, Robins, Pine Siskins, and a couple of Mallards. Fish were jumping, both birds and fish feasting on an abundance of lace winged bugs. There were electric blue, gossamer winged dragonflies flitting around and two muskrats were chomping on pond salad. Temps dropped to 54° F and the fire smoke blowing in from Arizona was mostly nonexistent. Thanks for looking. G

Comanche Point, Valle Vidal, NM

Claret Cup Cactus, Carson National Forest, NM

Claret Cup Cactus growing all around in the Carson National Forest, northern New Mexico. Took a hike yesterday with my son in the foothills close to San Cristobal. He spotted this beauty under a pine tree. We also have a nice grouping under the pine tree in our garden. Beauty to behold at this time of year in the high desert. Thanks for looking. G

Claret Cup Cactus, Carson National Forest, NM


Woodland Moment, Carson National Forest

Woodland moment, in the Carson National Forest, northern New Mexico. Just a short pause on the trail for this little scene. Not sure I could ever find it again. Maybe I stopped to get a breather. This is what a breath looks like for me, then onward. Thanks for looking. G

Woodland Moment, Carson National Forest

Root Burl In The Woods

Root burl in the woods. Patterns of nature and providing habitat for many creatures long after the tree is dead. Thanks for looking. G

Root Burl, In The Woods

Elk Cows, In The High Country

Elk Cows, in the high country of New Mexico. In the Valle Vidal (Valley of Lifeagain today. We spent the afternoon and evening photographing the high alpine light. Because we stayed out past dinner time, we were fortunate to see so many elk. One bull with two cows emerged from the trees and crossed the road. They stared at us momentarily, then took off into a hillside of pines. Not long after, as twilight descended over the valley, we spotted a dozen cow elks, a number of them pregnant, grazing on the fresh shoots of grass along the creek. These three ladies came down the hillside, herded the others and ushered them into the trees. It was a beautiful drive home. Thanks for looking. G

Elk Cows, In The High Country


Snow, Snow, Let It Snow

Snow, Snow, Let It Snow. This was a good day for snow in the Carson National Forest. I liked the graphic nature of this image and would like more snow on a regular basis this winter. It’s a favorite time of year to get out making images. The solitude and lack of crowds in the woods and out in the landscape is most appealing. If you’re so inclined, and would enjoy a photo tour this winter into the northern New Mexico or southern Colorado landscape, give me a call or send me an email. As always thank you for looking. G

Snow, Snow, Let It Snow

Winter in Colorado

Winter in New Mexico

Morning Clouds San Cristobal, NM

Morning clouds rising over an old adobe home, cottonwoods and the national forest, in the San Cristobal Valley, NM. I went out to watch the moon set across the plateau. I decided to drive up into the foothills for a better view and found this scene in the valley. The moon had vanished into the clouds on the western horizon. This was the payoff. Thanks for looking. G

Morning Clouds San Cristobal, NM

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