Morning Clouds San Cristobal, NM

Morning clouds rising over an old adobe home, cottonwoods and the national forest, in the San Cristobal Valley, NM. I went out to watch the moon set across the plateau. I decided to drive up into the foothills for a better view and found this scene in the valley. The moon had vanished into the clouds on the western horizon. This was the payoff. Thanks for looking. G

Morning Clouds San Cristobal, NM

Morning Clouds, San Cristobal, NM – 2096

4 thoughts on “Morning Clouds San Cristobal, NM

    1. Hi Sue. Print sizes and prices are on my print purchase pages. This image isn’t there yet but you’ll get an idea from there. I can also make a custom size and quote for you. Thank you so much. Geraint

  1. I bet your not disappointed now that the moon wasn’t cooperating
    This photo is stunning. It looks like a water color.

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