Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Chapel, Santa Cruz De Ojo Caliente, Historic Site


Chapel, Santa Cruz de Ojo Caliente, historic site, New Mexico. I often share my thoughts with my clients on religion, it’s core conflict and how to represent the fight between light and darkness in a picture. I include it deliberately in this photo of the Catholic church just around the corner from the Ojo Caliente Spa. Thanks for looking. G

Santa Cruz De Ojo Caliente, Historic Site, New Mexico

San Pedro, San Luis, Colorado


San Pedro, San Luis, Colorado. The old church of San Pedro and San Pablo, (Iglesia de San Pedro y San Pablo) Colorado. There are many of these churches of similar design scattered throughout the San Luis Valley. I’ll post some more, stay tuned. Over the last ten years I’ve built an inventory of images from the San Luis Valley, farming cultural and nature. Many of the structures are still thriving. Others are deteriorating fast, and many are returning to the earth. Thanks for looking. G

San Pedro, San Luis, Colorado

Church Of San Francisco, Colorado


Church of San Francisco, San Francisco, Colorado. I love finding new places, to me, that is. Venturing in another direction off the beaten path. We are slowly working our away around the very southern part of the state of Colorado. Frankly, this part of Colorado looks more like it should be a part of New Mexico. It’s as if the borders were drawn too far south or not far enough north. Thanks for looking. G

Church Of San Francisco, Colorado

Catholic Church, San Luis, Colorado, Built 1886


Catholic Church in the oldest town of San Luis, Colorado. The church has a date of 1886. Compared to a European time frame, not that old. There are folks here in the valley who know, in recent history, their descendent’s that built this church. There’s something about the history of the west that draws me more and more to this place. Thanks for looking. G

Church, San Luis, Colorado, 1886

Estaca Chapel, New Mexico


Estaca Chapel, New Mexico. I made a little road trip today along the Rio Grande to Estaca, New Mexico. This little chapel was glowing in the afternoon winter sunshine. Traveling with my good friend and photographer R David Marks, I was inspired to make a black and white image at this place. It was another good day in good company. Thanks for looking. G

Estaca Chapel, New Mexico

Icicles Our Lady of Sorrows, Arroyo Hondo, NM


Icicles, Our Lady of Sorrows Church, Arroyo Hondo, NM. Nice drapery, apron, curtain of icicles around the  whole roof line and found on a drive around the block today. Most of the roads were clear. The Hondo/Seco road down the hill in to the valley not so much. Four wheel drive and low gear. This was the payoff. Thanks for looking. G

Icicles, Our Lady of Sorrows, Arroyo Hondo, NM