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Church Of San Francisco, Colorado

Church of San Francisco, San Francisco, Colorado. I love finding new places, to me, that is. Venturing in another direction off the beaten path. We are slowly working our away around the very southern part of the state of Colorado. Frankly, this part of Colorado looks more like it should be a part of New Mexico. It’s as if the borders were drawn too far south or not far enough north. Thanks for looking. G

Church Of San Francisco, Colorado

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  1. Would love to visit this Catholic Church and the little town of San Francisco, CO. My youngest brother lives in Pueblo, CO. How far is it from Pueblo?

    • I lived in an Adobe home next to the Church. 1954.
      A photo shows an Adobe rubble approximately where I lived. My Dad Alfred P. Blea was the principal at the school behind and to the right of the church. I don’t know if the town ever grew.
      We left about 1955 to Weston, Colorado.
      Julian R. Blea
      Phone: 510-851-1994

  2. I lived in old San Francisco, Colorado.
    1954-56. My dad Alfred P. Blea was Principal there.
    We lived right behind the white church.
    Julian Blea 510-851-1993


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