San Pedro, San Luis, Colorado

San Pedro, San Luis, Colorado. The old church of San Pedro and San Pablo, (Iglesia de San Pedro y San Pablo) Colorado. There are many of these churches of similar design scattered throughout the San Luis Valley. I’ll post some more, stay tuned. Over the last ten years I’ve built an inventory of images from the San Luis Valley, farming cultural and nature. Many of the structures are still thriving. Others are deteriorating fast, and many are returning to the earth. Thanks for looking. G

San Pedro, San Luis, Colorado

2 thoughts on “San Pedro, San Luis, Colorado

  1. Superb combination of Images in One frame, Geraint. The cross laden fence, stained glass windows, and arched doorway came out perfectly!

    1. Thank you Chip. I’m glad you like it. This area is fast becoming one of my go to place … for more than just photography. It feels familiar. I hope you are well. G

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