Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

San Cristobal Cottonwoods, NM

San Cristobal Cottonwoods. On a trip to the grocery store this evening we pulled over for this little scene. I must admit I anticipated it. I’ve made a few successful images of this location in the past so when we headed out we went straight to this spot. This is only one of numerous images I made this evening of the ‘spotlight’ on the cottonwood trees. And now, at this very moment, it is snowing. Thanks for looking. G

San Cristobal Cottonwoods

2 thoughts on “San Cristobal Cottonwoods, NM”

  1. Thanks for the memory. When I read your article re the photograph as soon as I read the word Cottonwood I saw and heard my mother singing ” I hear the cottonwoods whisper to me ” I think the song was called “Tammy’s in Love.” Love the contrast in the colours by the way.

    • Thank you Elizabeth. I hope you are staying well warm in Wales. I’m glad it triggered a memory. Thanks for continuing to look. G


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