Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

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Wild Yarrow, Adobe, Corrugation, Mora, NM

Wild yarrow, adobe wall, window, and corrugation in Mora, New Mexico. All the elements that shout out loud, “New Mexico”. If you live here you know what I mean and if you don’t, I think you get my drift. Thanks for looking. G



Ranch Gate, Steer Skull, Galisteo, NM

Ranch gate with steer skull, Galisteo, New Mexico. Slightly off the beaten path, but easy to spot if you like to wander around the old dirt streets. I first visited Galisteo in 1984, returning in 1985 and staying at the then Galisteo Inn for a few days. There was plenty of time to explore and wander with my camera and to make some images for my first photography exhibit “New Mexico: First Impressions” at Artworks Gallery, Pasadena, 1986. I’ve been hooked on New Mexico ever since. Thanks for looking. G

Ranch gate with steer skull, Galisteo, New Mexico.

Tin Roof, High Road To Taos, NM

Tin roof and the impression of a ladder just of the High Road to Taos, New Mexico. I did a double take when I saw I was looking at the rusty stain where the ladder used to be. Corrugated tin roofing is a mainstay in the mountain villages, a good business to be in back in the day. I love New Mexicana. Thanks for looking. G

Tin Roof, High Road To Taos, NM

Doorways, Las Vegas, New Mexico

Doorways, in the old town of Las Vegas, New Mexico. There’s not much use for a level, square or plumb-bob in New Mexico. If there were, then the whole state just wouldn’t look right. Charm, it is what it is. Thanks for looking. G

Doorways, Las Vegas, New Mexico.

Wall Paint, Patina, Holman, NM

Wall paint, patina on a building in Holman, NM looks like a painting. When I first spotted this, out of the corner of my eye, I thought the little blue and rust colored spots were actual flowers. By the time the lichen and mold creep is finished with it’s work, this wall will be a masterpiece. Thanks for looking. G

Wall painting, patina, Holman, NM.

El Rito, Mansion, Sloping Veranda

El Rito, NM “the Mansion”, with sloping veranda.  I love this old adobe and particularly the veranda and climbing vine. Is the vine utilizing the veranda to climb or does the vine keep everything together from ultimately collapsing. The exposed adobe and woodwork is classic. Click here for another photo and be sure to read the comments. Thanks for looking. G

El Rito, the Mansion, with sloping veranda.

Adobe Chapel, Valdez, New Mexico

Adobe Chapel, iron work crosses and gates in the Valdez Valley, northern New Mexico. Driving around this last week I added a number of images I filed under New Mexicana. The blue skies and abundant fall colors enhanced numerous locations. I love where we live! Thanks for looking. G

Adobe Chapel and iron work, Valdez, New Mexico.

Peeling Paint, New Mexico Style

Peeling Paint, “New Mexico Style”. It’s everywhere and it wouldn’t be New Mexico without it. Old ways rule in New Mexico!!! IMHO. Thanks for looking. G

Peeling Paint, "New Mexico Style".

Interstate 25, Our Lady Of Guadalupe

Interstate 25, Our Lady Of Guadalupe mural on the frontage road along Interstate 25, New Mexico. We saw this mural and pulled off the freeway and doubled back for some images. Looks like it’s been around for a while, paint peeling and fading in the desert sun. Thanks for looking. G

Interstate 25, Our Lady Of Guadalupe

Water And Power, NM Style

Water and Power, NM Style, Arroyo Hondo, New Mexico. I pass it almost every other day. It appeals to me. Rustic and so New Mexico! Thanks for looking. G

Water And Power, NM Style