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El Rito, Mansion, Sloping Veranda

El Rito, NM “the Mansion”, with sloping veranda.  I love this old adobe and particularly the veranda and climbing vine. Is the vine utilizing the veranda to climb or does the vine keep everything together from ultimately collapsing. The exposed adobe and woodwork is classic. Click here for another photo and be sure to read the comments. Thanks for looking. G

El Rito, the Mansion, with sloping veranda.

7 thoughts on “El Rito, Mansion, Sloping Veranda”

    • The family contacted me in the comments. I did reach out by email to hear more about the history of this beautiful home. I offered a print but I didn’t hear back. Thanks Alison. G

  1. I never saw this Mansion but hope to my next visit to N. New Mexico.
    I often had a meal at the little cafe and hopefully it’s still there, too. Sure like the green chile. Thank you.

    • The cafe, El Farolito” is still there, and it is still good. This home is down a country lane about a mile off the main drag. Thank you Carole. G

  2. El Farolito is still there. Stopped by yesterday. I lived across the ditch behind the place for a full year, got to know the food and family well. Really miss them and the meals now that I live in Taos. Before COVID, it was voted best green chili in the State four years in a row.


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