Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

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Penitente Morada, Abiquiu NM

Penitente Morada, Abiquiu NM. The storm clouds build and rains come in the afternoon during monsoon season. This building has borne witness to that fact for a couple of centuries. Thanks for looking. G


San Francisco de Asis Church In Water

San Francisco de Asis Church, Ranchos de Taos, NM. Discovered in a rapidly evaporating puddle, following afternoon rain storms this week on a photo workshop around northern New Mexico, and as always a great opportunity to discover new views and angles. Thanks for looking. G

San Francisco de Asis church ranchos de Taos

Portal Ranchos De Taos

Portal Ranchos de Taos. Saint Francis “San Francisco de Asis” Church, Ranchos De Taos, NM. The portal offered a welcome respite and relief from the hot sun this morning. Oh! … bye the way, why not incorporate it into a picture? So I did. (Not the first time, though, I might add) Thanks for looking. G

Portal Ranchos De Taos

San José De Gracia De Las Trampas

San José de Gracia de Las Trampas on the High Road to Taos. Las Trampas is always a wonderful place to visit. Such a peaceful place. Although there are many images of this church on the web, and is immortalized by thousands of photographers, I am continually amazed more often than not, that I have the place to myself. Thanks for looking. G

San José de Gracia de Las Trampas

Saint Clare At The St. Francis Church

Saint Clare at the Saint Francis Church, Ranchos de Taos. Stopped in here on a photo tour and made this image with the iPhone in “portrait” mode. The ominous clouds delivered rain shortly thereafter. I very rarely make images of statuary but I really liked the look of this one. Thanks for looking. G

Desert Bowling Alley On The Mesa

Desert Bowling Alley. Or “Desert Bowl – great outdoor bowling in Carson New Mexico” … and to think… they are building a brand new bowling alley in Taos when we have this in our backyard. Thanks for looking. G

Desert Bowling Alley

Stone Church, Washing Machine, Outhouse

Stone Church, washing machine, adobe outhouse. On the road in eastern New Mexico. Sometimes it’s just about the discovery of something that’s there, bizarre as it is!

Stone Church

Llano De San Juan, New Mexico

Llano de San Juan. Over the last few weeks I’ve conducted numerous photo tours on the High Road to Taos. There have been some stunning afternoons with great photographer clients and image making. This building has always intrigued me, and I almost always make a stop here in this high road llano (Spanish for plain) to make an image of this old building and the nearby church. The tin roof, typical in New Mexico architecture, the undulating tin portal roof and a dormer window, forever pointing to the sky, always feels welcoming despite it’s abandoned posture. I’ll be back on the High Road to Taos again tomorrow and no doubt we will visit this place. Thanks for continuing to visit my photo of the day page … and keep on looking. G


Cherubs, Ojo Caliente

Cherubs, Ojo Caliente, and a recliner, and on the stoop was a six pack of empty bottles. I was surprised to see things a little changed when I visited on this particular occasion. Changed? Yes! It was exactly what I would expect to find in rural New Mexico, indoor, outdoor furnishings.  When I’ve visited this location on previous trips it always seemed so unimportant … a building with a mural next to a gas station. However, on this day, a certain charm had come over the place. It had been customized from the owners personal vision. While this may not fly in some more ‘sterile’ neighborhoods, with strict zoning codes, it is perfectly acceptable in this neighborhood, or so it seems.  I want to call this image “waiting for god.”  Thanks for looking. G


Adobe, Bell And Clouds

Adobe, bell and clouds. An other flashback moment to 2004 with that New Mexico evening light on a gateway and bell in the Ranchos Valley, Taos, New Mexico. Thanks for looking. G