The Mansion, El Rito, New Mexico

The Mansion, El Rito, New Mexico. This old home in El Rito, west of Taos on the road to Abiquiu, NM last week, beckoned across the meadow. The exposed adobe bricks in the wall warmed in the 60 degree sunshine. The vine cascading along the balcony caught my eye through the vine weaving it’s way along the boundary fence. What tales this place might tell. While were were stopped making images, a local pulled up, and with great enthusiasm, inquired as to what we knew about history of this place. I referred her to a local who shared with me some weeks ago that it was known as the “mansion” and that’s all I know to this point. Although now I’m intrigued enough and inspired toward further investigation. Thanks for looking. G

The Mansion, El Rito, New Mexico

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  1. This was the home of Maximino Martinez and Jesusita Sanchez Martinez, my great grandparents. They raised 9 children here. They grazed sheep and cattle. My mother and her siblings spent time there maintaing the home, wells, the orchards and feeding the animals. The Archuleta, still maintain and graze cattle here. The Martinez’s we’re considered wealthy at the time, although, they we’re not rich monetarily, their wealth was in ownership of the land, sheep, cattle and chickens. There is a lot of history with the home. If you would like more information, you may contact me via email.

    1. Thank you Yvette. I would love to hear more and will email you. I greatly appreciate you getting in touch. The home is stunning. Thank you. Geraint.

  2. This home is where my husband Freds Mother was raised in. He too has much knowledge and memories of this Mansion. He and his brother Peter are the sole caretakers of the home and land who keep their cattle grazing there during the winter.

  3. My husband Fred and his brother Peter are the sole caretakers of this home. He has much knowledge of this home where his Mother was raised by his Grandparents as mentioned by Yvette. I have had many honored opportunities to see all of it, including the large barn which once stood to the left near the back of this home. I remember many cherished stories my Mother in law shared with me of her days living there.

    1. Dear Jeanette. Thank you so much for sharing this story. I’m honored you have shared it with me. I would be honored to meet your husband Fred or Peter if that is possible. It would also be an honor to make you a print. My best to you. Geraint

  4. That is quite a local following you have. El Rito is also home of a very fine restaurant, El Farolito. It had the same broom propped up against the front door for years…

    1. It’s still there and I think we stopped there in El Rito on your last trip out to Abiquiu. I hope you are well and staying safe. Thank you Harold. G

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