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On The Road This Week.

Working backward from today, starting with the landscape around Ghost Ranch, New Mexico.

Ghost Ranch Landscape
The Landscape near Abiquiu, NM.

I made a couple of trips on the high road over the last week. The aspens are doing their utmost to please fall color seekers. The horses performed perfectly, positioning themselves just right.

Horse backs Truchas NM
Horse backs on the High Road to Taos in Truchas, NM.

The forest floors were already full of fallen leaves. There are plenty more to go!

Aspen Leaves, dewdrops
Dewdrops on the fallen aspen leaves.

The skies over New Mexico have performed quite admirably, as they usually do. This place, with the old wooden barn storage shed, is always a pleasing stop on Highway 64.

Wood barn, Highway 64, New Mexico
Wood barn off Highway 64 in northern New Mexico.

My favorite aspen group on the Cumbres Pass, just over the state line in Colorado. This is my go-to barometer for how things are progressing as far as the turning colors go. I’ll be back there tomorrow.

Aspen Copse
Aspen Copse on a hillside, Cumbres Pass, Colorado.

The colors in this image seemed appropriate for the season, on this old tractor parked in a field in Jaroso, Colorado.

Autumn rust patina
Autumn-colored rust patina in Jaroso, Colorado.

As Always, thanks for looking. G

Tree, mountain cloud, San Cristobal, NM

I missed the ball this evening as I didn’t pay attention to the time. I was busy making images of my neighbor Dennis’s tree with the low cloud and peaks breaking through when I remembered the time which was getting close to the moon rise. Because we live so close to the mountains I sometimes have to drive a little bit north and west to see it at the right time. I had planned a drive out toward the fourteeners in Colorado. Oh well. I did drive north a little way to see the moon rise over Lama mountain. The first image from our garden and the second the moon rising over Lama. Thanks for looking. I promise to do better next time. G

dennis tree 5323

Last Light, Mountain Snow, Sangre de Cristos, NM

Last light on the mountain snows and cloud, Sangre de Cristos, NM. The last glimmer of light on the foothills before the sun slipped over the horizon and the warmth of the day with it. Stay warm, and healthy. Thanks for looking. G

Last Light, Mountain Snow, Sangre de Cristos, NM

Saturn, Jupiter, Trees, San Cristobal, NM

Saturn, Jupiter, through the veil of trees off the deck in San Cristobal, NM. The planets are moving closer together, at least from our perspective on this planet. In actuality, they are millions of miles apart. If you have clear skies take a look outside over the next couple of weeks as this great conjunction comes closest on December 22, 2020. Thanks for looking. G

Saturn, Jupiter, Trees, San Cristobal, NM

Bosque Del Apache, National Wildlife Refuge, NM

Bosque Del Apache, National Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico. I waited at this road for some activity, perhaps a crane, a deer, or bobcat maybe even a mountain lion to saunter along. It wasn’t to be. Further down the irrigation channel, two wild turkeys wandered through the old sunflowers. Thanks for looking. G

Bosque Del Apache, National Wildlife Refuge, NM

Bosque Del Apache, National Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico

Giant Cottonwood Leaf, Taos, Wetlands

Giant cottonwood leaf we picked up where the cottonwoods grow in the Taos, wetlands. My son pointed it out. It is as big as my head, about the span of a dinner plate. The viens are such an intricate and beautiful design magnified by the leafs size. To me, it resembles an aerial view of the landscape somewhere in the Southwest. Thanks for looking. G

Giant Cottonwood Leaf, Taos, Wetlands

Giant Cottonwood Leaf, Taos, Wetlands

VLA, Very Large Array, Mars, Plains Of San Augustine, NM

VLA, Very Large Array with Mars on the Plains Of San Augustine, New Mexico. I made a quick overnight trip south to meet my friend Larry to photograph the Very Large Array (The National Radio Astronomy Observatory) on the Plains of San Augustine near Magdelena, N.M. We wanted to get some of the antennas lined up with the Milky Way, Mars, the Moon, and Venus. In the image below, Mars appears to be acquired by the antenna. The trail of lights is a steady stream of employee cars arriving at 6 am this morning. They used to arrive by shuttle buses, Covid 19 changed that. More to follow. Thanks for looking. G

VLA, Very Large Array, Mars, Plains Of San Augustine, NM

Found, Back Roads, New Mexico

Found on the back roads of northern New Mexico. A more appropriate title might be found on the back roads of multiple hard drives. There are plenty of back roads in New Mexico with many diversions and detours, in reality and virtually. Either way it’s always fun to stumble across odd ball compositions like these. Thanks for looking. G

Found on the back roads of northern New Mexico.


On a fence in northern New Mexico.


Found over the fence in a meadow, Taos NM

Sunset Cloud, Moon, Taos, New Mexico

Sunset cloud and moon over Taos, New Mexico. Confronted by this cell last week. I had to stitch a few images together to get it all in. Taken on the same evening as yesterday’s ‘bear’ cloud image, thirty minutes apart. Click on the image to enlarge. Thanks for looking. G

Sunset clouds, moon, Taos, New Mexico.

Song Sparrow, Sangre De Cristo Mountains

Song Sparrow along Comanche Creek (yesterday’s photo) in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of New Mexico. Singing it loud and clear. He certainly got my attention, his song echoing off the canyon walls and hills, accompanied by the babbling brook. Thanks for looking. G

Song Sparrow, Sangre De Cristo Mountains.