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Super, Blue Moon Rise, San Cristobal, NM 09-06-2023

Greetings from San Cristobal, NM. This week the Super, Blue Moon Rise from the deck at home in San Cristobal. I said I would share the moon rise if the skies were clear. They cooperated fully, with the thin veil of clouds adding an air of mystery.

I’ll begin with the first glow I saw about five minutes before the moon appeared. It gave me time to adjust my settings and anticipate the next few shots.

Super Blue moon rise San Cristobal
Super Blue Moon Rise San Cristobal, NM

Full moon rising over the ridge San Cristobal
The full moon’s appearance over the foothills.

Super Blue moon rising San Cristobal
Moon and trees on the ridge.

Full moon over the ridge San Cristobal
Super, Blue moon rise, in all its glory.

Of course, every moon rise is a sight to see. I am always excited as the moon clears the mountains where we live. Also, there is nothing like having a bright moon that you can drive with your headlights off and see the driveway ahead and the whole valley beyond lit up. The upside is that it’s like daylight in the house, so no nightlights are needed. The downside, sleep may be elusive on such a night.

Full Moon.

The next full moon will be the Harvest Moon on September 29. Here’s a Harvest Moon nearly full with a rainbow for added glory. Read more here about the Super Blue Moon.

As always, thanks for looking and for all the comments and compliments. Have a great week. G

10 thoughts on “Super, Blue Moon Rise, San Cristobal, NM 09-06-2023”

    • Thank you so much, Hadley. I feel things fall into place when we let them. I knew the moon was there but it waited for the rainbow to present itself. Glad I waited. G

  1. Great shots. Very patient. That was some picture September 2016. Your mum and dad loved the moon and its connection to you. Do you see it first or do I see it first over here.?

  2. It rises for you first but I like that it’s always the same moon we see and share. Time is irrelevant. That my mum always reminded me that she was looking at the moon and thinking of me, definitely kept us close. Thanks so much, Alison. G


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