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From The Red Willows To The Mountain

From the red willows to the mountain. Taos Mountain. One of the most gorgeous views of the sacred mountain, and home of the “Red Willow People” Taos Pueblo. The snow was an added bonus when the clouds cleared this afternoon and the welcomed moisture. Thanks for looking. G

From The Red Willows To The Mountain

Here’s another view from a ten years ago.

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One More Super Moon With Taos Mountain

One more Super Moon Taos Mountain. It’s been a fabulous time watching the spectacular celestial show these last three days. I always look forward to going out photographing around the full moon. I hope you enjoyed seeing this event yourselves, and if you missed it thanks for checking in and looking. G

One More Super Moon Taos Mountain

Super Moon Rise Over Taos Mountain

Super Moon rise over Taos Mountain northern New Mexico. I’m off to bed in order to rise and shine early for the full moon eclipse. Thanks for looking. G

Super Moon Rise Over Taos Mountain

Winter Light On Taos Mountain

Winter light on Taos Mountain from El Prado just north of Taos, NM. A favorite spot to watch the clouds cast shadows across the mountain; an unobstructed view of Taos Mountain (Pueblo Peak), sacred mountain of the Taos Pueblo people; the willows and the cottonwoods. Taos…  the “red willow people.” Clouds pass, the sun sets and rises, time passes, the people and the mountain endure. Thanks for looking. G

Winter Light On Taos Mountain

Starlings And Sunset Moon

Starlings and sunset moon, Taos, New Mexico. Heading home this evening, with the light waning on Taos mountain and the clouds, the moon rise is serenaded by the cacophony of “Sturnus vulgaris” … Starlings. As always, thanks for looking. G

starlings and sunset moon

San Cristobal Moon Rise

San Cristobal moon rise and Taos Mountain with shades of magenta and blues. We stepped out side this evening for some cool air just as the moon rose above Taos Mountain and as the sun cast it’s evening swan song colors on the whole scene. Thanks for looking. G

San Cristobal Moon Rise

Wild Iris, Big Dog, Photo Bomb

Wild iris, big dog in a Taos Valley meadow. I had just set up amongst these wild iris, with a view of Taos mountain as a backdrop, when this hound moseyed in to the viewfinder. The pooch decided my camera was worthy enough for further inquiry. It was now for me to protect my lens from a big wet nose and a sloppy kiss. Yes, he had a penchant for the lens, methinks this be his modus operandi. I never did get the “shot” I had in mind at this location. This image, and only this image is what I got that day. Thanks for looking. G

wild iris big dog

Highway Sky – Smokey Sunset

Highway sky. Heading south in to Taos, NM on highway 522, the sunset casts an eerie twilight glow over the mesa roadway and reflects off the cloud poised over the Sangre de Cristo foothills. The sun setting behind and through the fire smoke, filtering the light from the west, created this effect. I like the look of the image but the smoke in the atmosphere is getting tiresome. Thanks for checking in. G

highway sky sunset

On A Photo Tour The Things You See

Overlooking the Rio Grande Gorge with a view of Taos Mountain in northern New Mexico. Although I make lots of portrait images of people, I rarely include them in a landscape composition. In this case the photographer is a photo tour client participating in the Abiquiu and Rio Chama photo tour trip. Including him in this scene, I felt, would express a sense of what it might be like to stand on the very rim of the Gorge, with a broad view across the canyon to Taos Mountain beyond. Thanks for looking. G


Sunset Light On Taos Mountain

Sunset light on Taos Mountain. The mountain draws me in and shows me all it’s glory. All I got to do is be present. Thank you for looking. G