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Biker, Rio Grande Gorge, Taos, New Mexico

Biker, crests the hill with the Rio Grande Gorge, Taos, New Mexico. These guys always look cool in a mask. Why not be cool? Thanks for looking. G

Biker, Rio Grande Gorge, Taos New Mexico

Kaleidoscope Camera Image

Kaleidoscope camera image. Having fun, mindlessly passing the time with this app on the phone called “Kaleida Cam” and using it on everyday sightings out in nature. This is a shot of some grasses growing around a truck wheel hub. I hope everyone is doing well. Thanks for looking. G

Kaleidoscope camera image.

Classic Car Show, Taos, New Mexico

Classic Car Show, Taos, New Mexico. Another year. I haven’t heard whether the “Classic Car Run” will be held this year or not. But, this thing fits in perfectly with our current conditions. Something of a cross between a hearse and the Grim Reaper’s ultimate ride. Cruela De Ville comes to mind also. Thanks for looking. G

Classic Car Show, Taos, New Mexico.

El Prado, The Meadows, Shadows, Taos Mountain

El Prado, (The Meadows), and shadows with Taos Mountain. Dinner this evening in the meadows, with our good friends Chris and Carla of Tres Estrellas Taos. Beautiful summer light on the inimitable Taos Mountain. It doesn’t get much better than this in my world. Thanks so much for looking. G

El Prado, The Meadows, Shadows, Taos Mountain

Carrot, Taos Plaza, Farmers Market

Carrot at the Taos Plaza Farmers Market. Something fun and timely as our farmers market is opening this coming weekend. I doubt there will be carrots for sale just yet and I doubt I will be there either. But, we do have plenty of carrots and celery for juicing at home in the pantry. Thanks for looking. G

Carrot at the Taos Plaza, Farmers Market.

Be Here Later, Taos, New Mexico

“Be Here Later.” Taos, New Mexico. A play on Ram Das’s “Be Here Now.”  I put this together and posted it on Facebook. It was appreciated for sure but not as much as some other posts. I like it in particular though and will continue to encourage a slower recovery. I mean… not a lot has changed in our way of life in the country where space is abundant and social distancing has been going on for centuries. Our state is still in lock down until May 15, and two weeks of quarantine is encouraged for travelers visiting or returning from elsewhere. So please do, be here later! Thanks for looking. G

Be Here Later. Taos, New Mexico.

Spring Blossoms, Downtown Taos, NM

Spring blossoms, downtown Taos, NM. Spring is in full bloom and these trees in blossom are lining the streets, filling the gardens and orchards with color. We made a quick drive out today. I have to say it was a pristine spring day, one of the most glorious we’ve seen in a while. I hope your day was wonderful. Thanks for looking. G

Spring blossoms, downtown Taos, NM.

Visit Taos, New Mexico Later, Please

Visit Taos, New Mexico… later, please. I posted a similar picture with these words on Facebook. They struck a cord and got shared many times over. We are a small community and things spread fast. We are taking things seriously and following CDC guidelines. We will welcome you back with open arms when things are better. The situation is here is serious right now, with the highest per capita cases for a county in New Mexico. Our state is also in lock down with 14 day quarantine orders and Taos has a curfew in place. Nothing is open, there’s no where to stay anyway. For those still wanting to flee the craziness in surrounding states please help by staying home, that way our efforts here won’t be in vain. Thanks for indulging me a moment to share this. Thanks for loving Taos. We love you, I love you. Geraint

Visit Taos, New Mexico Later, Please

Taos Mountain, Red Willows, Cloud

Taos Mountain, red willows, clouds. Taos Mountain is stunning in all seasons and light. As I’m not making too many trips out, this image is from spring 2018. Thanks for looking. G

Taos Mountain, red willows, clouds.

Taos, Shadows, Prism, Rainbow

Taos, shadows, prism, rainbow. It’s where we live, well a little farther north and under normal circumstances we’d go to Taos two or three times a week, sometimes more. This is the end of week three spent at home. We’ve been to the store twice during that time, and made a couple of solitary drives out to photograph. We made a few trips to the Rio Grande Gorge, to stand on the rim and let the wind blow the cobwebs away. Spending this time at home, allows me to dig into projects that I’ve put on the back burner. I might get to really like it. In the country, we do solitary well, social distancing is three acres. How about you? What are you doing? I hope everyone is safe and staying healthy. Thanks for looking. G

Taos, shadows, prism, rainbow.