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Autumn Colors, Mountain Storm Brewing

Autumn colors and a storm brewing in the mountains of northern New Mexico. Well, not this year, not yet! Continuing to dig in the archives I came across this image from 2010. This view is in Des Montes just north of Taos and we’re looking at the valley directly ahead that leads to the Taos Ski area. In this shot it looks like snow in them there hills. Thanks for looking. G

Autumn colors and a storm, northern New Mexico.

Musician, Taos Farmers Market

Musician, Taos Farmers Market. Not sure if he still frequents the Saturday farmers market on Taos Plaza, but this musician and a compadre on accordion, used to sing and play their hearts out serenading shoppers. The expression on his face makes me think he really loves the music he plays and entertaining people. I know I liked photographing and listening to them both. Thanks for looking. G

Musician, Taos Farmers Market.

Shapes And Colors, GMC Truck

Shapes and colors, GMC truck, Overland Ranch, Taos New Mexico. Spent sometime here on a photo tour yesterday. I made some cell phone snaps and some abstract studies. I have a notion to return with the big camera and make some extremely large images of small details in the many shapes. I’ve investigated this and numerous other classic trucks and autos, it’s about time to do it. I’m going to check out the harvest moon rise this evening, as I’ve done for many years. Here’s last years image and one from October 7, 2006.  Thanks for looking. G

Shapes and colors, GMC truck

Abstract Art In The Details

Abstract art in the details, when one gets close enough. The patina in the paint and bodywork of an old GMC truck parked in a field in Taos, NM. In this case the elements are the artist. Thanks for looking. G

Abstract art in the details

Cone Flower, (Retired), Taos, NM

Cone Flower, (retired), Taos, NM. Probably a Black-eyed Susan. From the vast dramatic landscape in yesterday’s image to the intimate details of nature in a decaying flower. Our world always amazes me and I stand staring in awe. Thanks for looking. G

Cone Flower, (retired), Taos, NM.


Taos Tipis, Ranchos de Taos, NM

Taos Tipis, Ranchos de Taos, NM. Flash back to 2008 when there were four tipis south of Taos. Over the years they dwindled down to one tipi. It was always fun to check out the location with a gorgeous backdrop of a New Mexico sky. Currently a tipi has recently appeared in the last few weeks making two, so I’ll keep an eye out for future image opportunities. Thanks for looking. G

Taos Tipis, Ranchos de Taos, NM

Sunset, Moon, Wall and Trees

Sunset, Moon, Wall and Trees. Dove into the archives today and found this image from 2010. It was taken across the street from where I lived at that time. Stay tuned for more images from the archives as I traipse down memory lane. Have a wonderful Labor Day Holiday. For my friends in Florida, be safe and we’ll see you on the other side of the hurricane. Thanks for looking. G

Sunset, Moon, Wall and Trees

Rainbow, Taos Mountains

Rainbow, Taos Mountains. On the road home the storm recedes leaving the landscape bathed in the special light New Mexico is known for and the prerequisite rainbow. I’ll post the full rainbow on tomorrows photo of the day. Thanks for looking. G

Rainbow, Taos Mountains

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Lightning Storm, Taos New Mexico

Lightning storm, Taos, New Mexico. I set up on the deck in San Cristobal last night. I’d been watching the lightning filling the clouds on the horizon from my chair in the living room. The number of flashes intensified. The storm was far away so there were no discernible sounds of thunder. As things would have it, the sheet lightning I’d originally observed turned to direct strikes on the landscape. Here are the images of multiple “blasts”. Thanks for looking. G

Lightning Storm, Taos New Mexico

Lightning over Taos from San Cristobal NM

Lightning San Cristobal NM

Lightning San Cristobal NM

Lightning over Taos NM


Monsoon Afternoons, Evenings In Taos And Beyond

Monsoon afternoons and evenings in the Taos area, northern New Mexico and beyond. The more monsoon rains the merrier, saves watering the garden, keeps the woods lush and green and cools the air for the night time. Thanks for looking. G

Monsoon afternoons and evenings in Taos and beyond.