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Sites of Taos Saint Francis Church ranchos de taos © Geraint Smith

Sites of Taos Photo Tour

Sites of Taos

Spend a day photographing the sites of Taos. Old trucks, abandoned long ago, in fields with Taos Mountain as a back drop. Picturesque villages, tipis and the occasional rainbow. Acequias, ancient water courses bringing life to the fields and farms in the Taos valley for centuries. The expansive views of the six hundred feet deep Rio Grande Gorge from the bridge spanning the river. At the end of the day capturing the early evening light at the world famous St Francis Church in Ranchos de Taos, immortalized in paintings by Georgia O'Keefe and the photography of Ansel Adams.

Cost Full day $450 per person - Half day $250 per person

Year Round - Call 505-501-4880 to reserve a date that suits you for your own personal photo tour.

Pick up points for tours are at your Taos, NM hotel, B&B, VRBO, Airbnb, your local residence or a location that is convenient for you. Meeting points for locations outside of Taos can be arranged when reservations are made.

"It was four in the morning on May 6th, 1988. Exhausted and sorely needing rest after 16 solid hours of driving east, away from the hectic business and car culture of the LA basin, my friend Frank pulled off the road. At a turnout on the east side of NM 68 a few miles south of Taos, he parked the pickup with a 5x8 trailer in tow. Facing north, 10 feet off the roadway, we slept sitting up.

A few winks later, at six o’clock sharp, a semi tractor trailer roared by, engine brake blaring on the downgrade. We awoke in sync. The sun shot through the windshield like a bullet, an arousing reminder that we were, finally and after all, in New Mexico.

Before me I could see the whole Taos valley, with streams and fields fanning out toward me like a deck of cards. “Pick a card” the scene seemed to say. “Don’t show me ... keep it to yourself.” The metaphorical card I chose at that juncture in time continues to confirm that my sudden wake up call was the beginning of my new life.."

Excerpted from my book, Rio Grande del Norte: An Intimate Portrait.