Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Photo of the Day Archive | 2016–2023

Full Moon, Stars, Taos Tipis, TBT

Plywood Art Everywhere

San Antonio Mountain Corral

Stretch Gate, Colorado

Rough-Legged Hawk, Monte Vista Wild Life Refuge

Catholic Church, San Luis, Colorado, Built 1886

Classic Auto, Fort Garland Colorado

Turquoise, Security, El Guique, NM

Taos Mountain In A Different Light

Cottonwood Shadows, Taos Mountain

Super Wolf Moon Eclipse, San Cristobal

Rural Colorado Moonrise, San Luis Valley

Pueblo Peak, Taos Mountain Moonrise

Mountain Bluebird Of Happiness

Estaca Chapel, New Mexico

Shepherd On The Range, Southern Colorado

Snow Day Photo Tour, San Luis Valley

Monolithic Hay Bales, Jaroso, Colorado

Horned Lark, San Luis Valley

Lobatos Steel Bridge, Rio Grande Colorado

Winter Wood Pile

Wind Whipping Snow, Vallecito Peak

Adobe Dish Network, Ocate, NM

Commotion Taken In The Snow

Wolf Moon, Waxing Crescent, Sunset

Coyote Winter Morning

San Francisco De Asis

Hoarfrost, Glowing Crystal Tree

Icicles Our Lady of Sorrows, Arroyo Hondo, NM

San Cristobal Valley Chapel, NM

New Years Day Blizzard In El Prado

New Years Eve, San Cristobal, NM

White-Breasted Nuthatch

Winter Lake, Red Willows, San Luis Valley

Stretch Gate Hondo Mesa, NM

Roof top Musicians, El Prado, NM

Canyon Towhee Snow, San Cristobal

Hondo Mesa, Taos Mountains Sunset

West Rim Rocks, Taos Mountain

Homestead #53 San Luis Valley

Blanca Massif Southern Colorado

Winter Solstice Moonrise

Bright Moon Over The Sangres

Winter Light On Taos Mountain

Sunshine Valley Homestead

Rocks, In The Rio Grande Del Norte

Black And White In The San Luis Valley

Blanca Peak Massif, Smith Lake

Winter Tree Light

Cottonwood Crows, San Cristobal

Elm Tree Moon

Jemez Mountains Caldera, Crescent Moon

The Road To …

Prayer Flags With Crescent Moon

Taos Mountain, Cottonwood, Willows

El Salto Rocks, Last Light

Bald Eagles, Pilar New Mexico

Framed Mountain Moon

Mallards Lift Off In The Orilla Verde

Mesa Road, Mountain Sunset

Red-tailed Hawk, Rio Grande Gorge

Arroyo Hondo Valley, Evening Light

Dovecots, Mabel Dodge Luhan House

Jemez Mountains, Cerro Pedernal Sunset

Old Wooden Cross, Cemetery, In Questa, NM

Red-Winged Blackbird On The Cattails

Stormy Skies, Taos Mountain

Spotlight On The Sangre De Cristo Mountains

Mallard Duck On Ice

Grand View, Moonrise Over Vallecito Peak

Golden Sunlight, El Prado Trees

Gorgeous Moonrise, Vallecito Peak

Indigo Patina With Rust

Hopewell Lake Aspen Moonrise

Sandhill Crane, Monte Vista NWR

Llano de San Juan Chapel

Grain Elevator With Hay Bales

Rock form, Plaza Blanca

Garden Buddha, Warm Winter Blanket

Red Willow, Cottonwood, Arroyo Hondo