Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Photo of the Day Archive | 2016–2023

Found On The Road Dead

“It’s mine, I killed it and now I’m going to eat it!”

San Luis Valley Homestead

Valles Caldera National Preserve, New Mexico

Adobe Route, Free Climbing Pigeons

Old Martina’s Hall

Mesa Road, Across Taos Pueblo Land

Pilar, New Mexico

Bucket On A Fence Post

More Lenticular Clouds

Winter Moon and Old Homestead

Tipi Dawn

Snow Moon

Great Blue Heron

Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe

Chihuahua Dog

Santa Rosa de Lima, Abiquiu, NM

Fountains Abbey, Yorkshire, England

Lenticular Clouds Before The Sunset

A Big Sky Sunset

Lenticular Clouds

Adobe Crumble

Taos Mountain Meadow

Crescent Moon

Mission Church of Santo Tomas, Abiquiu, NM

Holy Trinity, Arroyo Seco, NM

The Glow Of A Winter Eve

Tonight On Taos Mountain

Window and Buttress

Alley Door In Taos

In Ranchitos Valley

House Finch

Sangre de Cristo Mountains New Mexico

Sandhill Cranes, In Flight, Monte Vista NWR

Last Light On The Hills

My Neighbor’s Tree

Moon Rise Over The Latir Wilderness, New Mexico

The Irish Sea

Tree And Sky With Fence.

Church in Chacon, New Mexico

Drink, Eat, Carrizozo, NM

Wolf Moon, El Prado, NM

Exquisite, Quiet Moon Rise

Through The Fog To Ute Mountain

Morning Hawk

Blanca Peak, Colorado

Mountain Snows, San Luis, Colorado

Bison, Philmont Ranch, New Mexico

Milky Way Over Cerro Pedernal, Abiquiu, New Mexico

Rocks and Snow

Plaza Blanca Slot Canyon

Winter Window

Sunset on the Cottonwood Trees

Red-tailed Hawk, El Prado

Ute Mountain Clouds

Taos Mountain Winter

Adobe Snow Lines

Ice On The Road Shoulder

Taos Mountain Winter Sunset

San Luis Valley Ranch, Colorado

San Jose de Gracia de Las Trampas, New Mexico

On the road in New Mexico

Great Blue Heron, Bosque del Apache.

A composition in the field

Morning in the Bosque del Apache, NM

Morning In The Valley

Wood Pile As Big As A House

A Winter Morning Symphony

Red-Tailed Hawk

Moon Set From San Cristobal, NM

Another Super Moon Rising

Highway Across The Plateau

The Tree On The Road Home

Old Market Adorned With Turquoise

Red Rock

Winter Aspens

Ah-shi-sle-pah Badlands, NM

Pueblo Bonito Kiva, Chaco Canyon

The Geometry Of Chaco Canyon

Chaco Canyon Kiva