Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Photo of the Day Archive | 2016–2023

Bighorn Sheep In The Rio Grande Gorge

Building Marked From Drive By Gunshot.

Las Trampas Grave Marker, On The High Road To Taos

On The Plains, Cimarron, New Mexico

Mule Deer, Great Sand Dunes National Park And Preserve

Georgia O’Keeffe Country, New Mexico

Great Sand Dunes National Park And Preserve

Chevrolet On The High Road To Taos

Saint Francis Church Through The Blue

Field Geometry On The Plateau

Shingle Shadows, Colorado

Sangre de Cristo Mountains And Great Sand Dunes

Art Studio In Dixon New Mexico

Sangre de Cristo Moon Rise, Northern New Mexico

The Rio Chama, Abiquiu, New Mexico

San Luis Valley Homestead #24

An Evening Pastoral Scene in The Meadows

Juvenile Golden Eagle And Sandhill Cranes

Full Moon Rise Over Vallecito Peak Taos, NM

Las Trampas Church On The High Road To Taos

Jemez Mountains Sunset From San Cristobal

Alamosa Railyards, Colorado

As The Storm Recedes The Mountain Shines

Wild Horses, Southern Colorado

A Bend In Rio Chama, Abiquiu, NM

Taos Art Museum At Fechin House Photography Exhibit

Photo Tours In Abiquiu, Rio Grande Gorge, Southern Colorado

International Truck, Abiquiu, NM

Our San Cristobal Valley Under The Setting Winter Sun

From The Red Willows To The Mountain

A Moody Morning Sky, St. Francis Church

Wookiees In The River Bank

Ice Patterns On The Rio Chama

Cerro Pedernal, Abiquiu Lake

Snapshot From The Rio Pueblo Today

Dawson Cemetery, Colfax County, New Mexico

Hood Ornament Dodge Truck

High Road To Taos Homestead

Chapel of Nuestra Señora de los Dolores Cañon, Taos

The Holy Island Of Lindisfarne

White House White Out

Barn Wood Door In The High Country

Truchas Mission Church, NM

Rural Dreamcatcher, Northern New Mexico

Winter Evening In The San Cristobal Valley

Ute Mountain Corral

Young Bighorn Sheep, Rio Grande Gorge

Paradigm Shift

Truchas Adobe Home

One More Super Moon With Taos Mountain

Perigee, Blue Moon, Eclipse

Super Moon Rise Over Taos Mountain

Red Canoe Arroyo Hondo

Dennis’s Tree, Light Under Dark Skies

Wall Abstract Downtown Taos

The Red Barn Waiting Out Winter, Colorado

Piedra Lumbre (Shining Rock), Abiquiu, NM

Winter Photo Tours And Workshops

Rio Grande Winter, Southern Colorado

Snow, Sunflower Sunset, San Cristobal

Rocks, San Luis Valley Lake, Colorado

San Luis Valley, Winter Lake

Sign, Gun Shot To Bits, Colorado

Igneous Forms On The Plateau

Winter Notes On A Fence

Bald Eagles, Sentinels Of The Rio Grande Gorge

Climbing Vine, Winter In Dixon NM

White Trees, Willows, A Riparian Habitat

Church Of “Sagrado Corazón De Jesus” Rio Lucio

Winter Light On Taos Mountain

Stone House, San Luis Valley, Colorado

Flag Alamosa Colorado

San Cristobal Cottonwoods, NM

Rio Grande Tree, Southern Colorado

San Luis Valley Farm, Colorado

Morning At Ute Mountain

Ice Designs, Rio Grande, Colorado

Bald Eagle, Rio Grande, Cottonwood Tree

Snow Goose, Morning On The Icy Pond

Red Sky Jemez Mountains Sunset