Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

High Road To Taos, Las Trampas Church, Sky


High Road to Taos, Las Trampas Church, and sky. I spent some time yesterday processing a few more images from that day on the High Road last week. The fast-moving clouds were cooperating to the degree that, during a long exposure, they caused this zoom effect of the movement of the clouds over the front and rear of the church. I could have created the same effect in Photoshop® but as I said the clouds were cooperating so two minutes of exposure on each of the images gave me a nice in-camera image. Less time spent on the computer is a good thing. Thanks for looking. G

High Road to Taos, Las Trampas Church

High Road to Taos, Las Trampas Church, and sky.

Truchas, Trampas, Ranchos De Taos, NM


Truchas, Trampas, Ranchos De Taos, NM. High Road photography convoy tour continued form my post a few days ago. It was a little too much editing to do all in one go. There is no order of importance or favorite, I posted these and the previous images in the order we discovered then. Enjoy! And thank you for joining me virtually here on my website. G

Truchas Mission Church
Tin roof with crosses, Truchas Mission Church on the High Road to Taos.


Gated door filigree Truchas
Gated door with metal work filigree, Truchas Mission Church.


Wooden cross, Morada, Truchas
Wooden cross with Penitente Morada, Truchas, NM


Window, Truchas Morada
Window at the Penitente Morada, Truchas.


Woodpile House roof Truchas
Wood pile as big as a house up to the roof in Truchas, NM


Steer on a Deer skulls, Truchas
Steer skull on a deer skull, on a ladder in Truchas, on the High Road to Taos.


Las Trampas church adobe wall
Las Trampas Church belfry seen peeking over the adobe entrance wall.


Las Trampas church
San Jose Church seen over the wooden gate in Las Trampas on the High Road to Taos.


Big doors Ranchos de Taos
Big doors on the St Francis Church, Ranchos de Taos.


El Rito, Mansion, Sloping Veranda


El Rito, NM “the Mansion”, with sloping veranda.  I love this old adobe and particularly the veranda and climbing vine. Is the vine utilizing the veranda to climb or does the vine keep everything together from ultimately collapsing. The exposed adobe and woodwork is classic. Click here for another photo and be sure to read the comments. Thanks for looking. G

El Rito, the Mansion, with sloping veranda.

Adobe Shed, Cloud, Llano de San Juan, NM


Adobe shed and cloud in Llano de San Juan, NM. Along the High Road to Taos and many other areas of New Mexico, there are many of these random buildings. The new doors signify, perhaps, a restoration project. Next door to this building is the former Llano Post Office, zip code, 87543. That’s another post on another day. Thanks for looking. G

Adobe shed and cloud in Llano de San Juan, NM.

Adobe Studio, Ladder, Cloud


Adobe studio, ladder, with slight cloud iridescence, just as I found it yesterday during a photo shoot at the Couse-Sharp Historic Site in Taos, New Mexico. If you’re in Taos this summer stop in for a visit. The abundance of history at the Couse-Sharp Historic Site here in northern NM will astound you. Thanks for looking and stay tuned for more images to come in the not too distant future. G

Adobe studio, ladder, cloud.

Taos Pueblo, Taos Mountain, Snow


Taos Pueblo, Taos Mountain, Snow. A beautiful day at the Taos Pueblo today. The light was pristine, illuminating the adobe, multi story, buildings of the North House. The ever present Taos Mountain emerges from the clouds. I hope your day was a good one. Standing in the plaza at Taos Pueblo made mine quite awesome and peaceful. Thanks for looking. G

Taos Pueblo, Taos Mountain, Snow

Adobe, Light, Fall, Questa, NM


Adobe light, late fall along the roadside in Questa, New Mexico. The many benefits of traveling over the same territory, whether on a photo tour or personal outing, allows me to see the subtle changes that occur season by season or day by day. This evening, I decided to return over the next few of days to watch the light shift hourly on this adobe. I’ll see what I come up with. Questa, New Mexico exudes cultural authenticity. Thanks for looking. G

Adobe, Light, Fall, Questa, NM