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Drive By Shooting, Building Façades

Drive by shooting of building façades from the highways of northern New Mexico and southern Colorado. I have been putting together a collection of images, many of which depict façades that are gone and others that no longer represent their original selves. This building is just north of Taos and is currently covered in grafitti! Back then I liked it’s simplicity and hand made doors . Thanks for looking. G

Drive By Shooting, Building Façades

4 thoughts on “Drive By Shooting, Building Façades”

  1. A very particular set of things forming a whole image, yet each element has a voice of its own- myriad color, texture, and tone. Another one of your photo-paintings asking to be looked into for a long, long time to come. Thank you for so generously sharing your voice, your mind, and your gifts with us again over this past year! Mahalo, Peace, Love, and Aloha- San Diego-style!


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