Bighorn Sheep Ram, Rio Grande Gorge Rim

Bighorn Sheep ram, on the rim in the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument. The Bighorn Sheep were a “big” feature on a photo tour/workshop today on the Sites of Taos, the Rio Grande Gorge and Beyond. It was a grand day, filled with spectacular clouds, New Mexico blue skies, rain, hail, and snow, all in good company and image making. Thanks to my guest photographers and thanks for looking. G

Bighorn Sheep Ram, Rio Grande Gorge Rim

Spring In The Rocky Mountains

Spring in the Rocky Mountains (Sangre de Cristos) the Moreno Valley. How quickly the weather changes at this time of year during spring. In the space of a few miles and thirty minutes later after lunch the difference follows the old adage… if you don’t like the weather in New Mexico, wait five minutes. In this instance the wind and snow became a blizzard. By the mid afternoon it was gone! Thanks for looking. G

Spring in the Rocky Mountains (Sangre de Cristos)

Spring in the Rocky Mountains the Moreno Valley

Snow Plant, Valdez NM

Snow plant, Valdez NM. I think I will rest here a while, until spring comes. I feel a lot like this plant. Gathering energy, ready for bursting out like its buds in spring time. This image was in Valdez at the San Antonio Church, one day following a snow storm. Two feet of snow around the neighborhood covered most everything. Today, after temps in the mid fifties, most of the snow is gone. Thanks for looking. G

Snow branch Valdez

Barley Silos, Bountiful, Colorado

Barley silos, and grain elevator in the hamlet of Bountiful, Colorado. The sign (I’m paraphrasing) reads, “all the barley is for the Coors brewing company”. The community of Bountiful is on the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad, between Romeo to the south and La Jara to the north. It was great day out on a photo tour in the San Luis Valley exploring old homesteads, ruins, farms and barns, with hawks and eagles. Heading up there again tomorrow on another photo tour . Thanks for looking. G

Barley Silos, Bountiful, Colorado

Southern Rocky Mountains Super Moon Rise

Southern Rocky Mountains winter solstice super moon rise. I didn’t post this image at the time since the winter solstice full wolf moon eclipse was a more pertinent image for the photo of the day. Prior to the lunar eclipse that evening, this is how the moon looked, as it rose in the east, over the snow capped peaks of the Sangre de Cristo range, of the southern Rocky Mountains. Thanks for looking. G

Southern Rocky Mountain Moon Rise

San Antonio Mountain Corral

San Antonio Mountain, corral. We stopped at the old corral, buried in the drifting snow and slab ice along highway 285 in northern New Mexico. San Antonio (Bear Mountain) mountain is reputed to be the largest free standing mountain in the 48 states. Free standing, not part of any mountain chain. An extinct volcano, it rises prominently in the Taos Volcanic plateau field. From this location we can see many of the old volcanos scattered across the plateau. It was 13 degrees with a wind chill. Still, the sun was warm on our faces. Thanks for looking. Stay warm. G

San Antonio Mountain Corral

Cottonwood Shadows, Taos Mountain

Cottonwood shadows, Taos Mountain, from El Prado, NM. Another stop on the way home from the grocery store in Taos. These fields, whether winter, spring, summer, or fall, isolate and enhance our beautiful Taos Mountain. Taking time out to watch the shadows lengthen and reach out towards the mountains, draw me closer to the source of energy we sense in the valley. Thanks for looking. G

Shadows With Taos Mountain