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Golden Eagle, Snow, Rio Grande Gorge, New Mexico

Golden Eagle in a snowstorm Orilla Verde Recreation Area in the Rio Grande Gorge, New Mexico. The tree is a decades-long roosting place for Bald Eagles. This tree succumbed to the elements over the last few years and made room for hawks, osprey and golden eagles. Everything falls in to place perfectly. Thanks for looking. G


10 thoughts on “Golden Eagle, Snow, Rio Grande Gorge, New Mexico”

  1. The exquisite results of a patient, excellent photograher (albeit nuts for being out on this cold frosty day). I love this photo.

    • I haven’t seen goldens in the gorge for a number of years, that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. I prefer inclement weather for photography, fewer people around. Hahaha. Thanks, Jo. G


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