Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

I hope you are enjoying winter. I know some of our neighbor states are getting weather they don’t normally experience. Stay safe and warm where you are. Here are some images from a trip around the extended neighborhood this week.

The first image may look familiar to many people as I stop here often in Arroyo Hondo on the drive to and from home and Taos.

Red Willows and cottonwood tree
Red Willows, Cottonwood Tree.

The sun came out on the way home today and the landscape looked pristine. Here’s my favorite “stretch gate” and farm road.

Stretch gate, Hondo Mesa
Stretch Gate, Farm Road

A stretch gate in San Cristobal on my morning walk yesterday.

Stretch gate San Cristobal
Gate and Snow, San Cristobal

Martina’s Hall, formally Old Martinez Hall directly west of the Saint Francis church in Ranchos de Taos, has some nice lines accented by the snow.

Martina's Hall Ranchos de Taos
Martina’s Hall, Ranchos de Taos.

The beautiful mission church of San Francisco de Asis in Ranchos de Taos.

Saint Francis Church
Saint Francis Church Reflections.

A view of the church in a location I’ve not shot before. The morning sunlight breaking through the clouds caught my eye from highway 68 which runs through Ranchos de Taos.

Saint Francis Church
Saint Francis Church.

In San Cristobal this morning our garden Buddha wore his full snow blanket. The snow is still coming down as I write. We are warm and cozy with the wood stove filling the room with a golden glow as well as heat. From the sofa we can watch the snow falling all around the valley.

Garden Buddha, snow
Buddha Blanket.

Thanks for looking and have a great week. G

20 thoughts on “Snow Day, Snow Week”

  1. Some interesting shots. Liked the fence with up and down tops covered in snow.could imagine it in one of your quirkier shots. Thanks again

  2. As much as I love Taos, it makes me happy to be in warm Florida ??‍♀️
    St. Francis reflections is my favorite. Something about experiencing the same image in 2 totally different ways, each able to elicit its own beauty.

    • Thank you, Mary. It’s warm inside and beautiful to look out on the snow here. I was in Florida once! I appreciate the compliments. G

  3. I’m really enjoying the new blog and this offering has a number of compelling images. The leading lines of the red willows are very nice as are the snow-capped walls of Martina’s Hall. Both views of the church are quite pleasant. The snow covered garden Buddha is wonderful and his serene expression makes the image special. A really appealing series, Geraint.

    • You know I appreciate your observations, comments, and compliments. I’m very much enjoying this formula of a longer blog. I think you can tell. Thank you so much, my friend. G


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