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Three Trees, Taos Mountain, Mountain Storm, New Prints.

Greetings from San Cristobal, NM

The Wild Rivers Recreation Area of the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument is a gem of a place that I like to visit throughout the year. This time I visited some of my favorite lone trees. I do like a solitary tree. A lone tree for me is like finding a friendly soul where one least expects it. These three trees are all still standing and were strong enough to withstand the high winds last December that flattened hillsides of trees in other areas. The thin layer of clouds gave an illuminated glow to the landscape like a big softbox light.

 Recreation Area, NM
Lone tree, Wild Rivers Recreation Area, NM

This old piñon pine is hanging in there and I anticipate a few more pictures until it succumbs to the elements. Its impending demise will also, no doubt, entice me to make images for years to come.

Lone tree, Wild Rivers Area
Lone tree, Wild Rivers Recreation Area, NM

Pretty much the same predicament for this tree as for the other two. The dead needles clinging to the limbs of this tree gave a nice warmth to the scene. The overcast lighting and water on the needles saturated the colors. I could see the reds from a distance and moved in closer to get this shot.

Old pine tree, Wild Rivers Area
Lone tree, Wild Rivers Recreation Area, NM

You guessed it… Taos Mountain from the deck in San Cristobal, and a last glimmer of light on the mountain before the sun disappeared for the night.

Taos Mountain from San Cristobal
Taos Mountain from San Cristobal

I found the image below in the archives while searching for the crane image to print. I’d previously published this storm cloud in black and white. It impressed me in color so here it is.

Mountain Storm, Taos NM
Mountain storm and pond, Taos NM

Three new fine art prints went out of the studio this week. If a print interessts you click on the picture to go the pertinent purchase page. This first image of the Sandhill Cranes against the Rocky Mountains, I titled “Pas de Deux”.

Sandhill Cranes, Pas de Deux
Sandhill Cranes, “Pas de Deux”, Monte Vista NWR, Colorado

Geology in the desert around Abiquiu.

Plaza Blanca Rocks
Plaza Blanca Rocks

And the Lone Tree, the “Welcome Tree” at the Taos overlook.

Lone Tree, Taos Overlook
Lone Tree, the “Welcome Tree” Taos Overlook.

Ok… one last image of a young Sandhill Crane at the Monte Vista NWR coming in for a landing.

Sandhill Crane
Sandhill Crane.

As always, thank you for looking. Have a great week. G

19 thoughts on “Three Trees, Taos Mountain, Mountain Storm, New Prints.”

  1. Pas de deux is particularly striking.
    Hope I get to see the Taos overlook tree while it still stands.
    Thanks for your seeing!

    • That Taos tree is steadfast. I’m pretty sure it will outlast the other trees in this post. Thank you so much, Gary. G

  2. Love your images, especially those of the trees. Have you read Richard Powers’ Pulitzer-prize winning novel “The Overstory,” which fictionalizes some real people and scientists – but not the science of trees. I can safely say it is one of the best books I have ever read, and over the decades and an MA in English literature I’ve read too many to count. I would not steer you wrong.

    • Thank you, Mark. I thought you might relate. You have some tree beauties yourself. Cheers Mark and yes, see you down the road. G

  3. Pas de Deux is so lovely. I hope you don’t mind, but I posted it on my Facebook page, with a link to where it can be purchased. If you would rather I didn’t post it, I will take it down, but within three minutes two of my friends had responded to it.

  4. Lovely and dramatic set of images. Hard to find lone trees in Oregon, but your photos remind me that Scotland and Wales have an abundance of solitary trees. Thank you for sharing and inspiring.

  5. Thank you so much, Bob. I have a few images of lone trees in Scotland.. I won’t go looking for lone trees in Oregon. There are so many more here to seek out. Cheers, Bob. G

  6. Thanks, Geraint for another great post. The “pas de deux” piece is really nice, but then- they all are. FB shared.

    I’m looking forward to your spring juants to the Valle Vidal, and to mine.



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