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Black Mesa, Rainbow, And Walking Rain. 08-16-2023.

Greetings from San Cristobal, NM. This week a moonrise over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Black Mesa, the Capilla de la Sagrado Familia, and the iconic cemetery, near San Ildefonso Pueblo, NM.

Black mesa and Capilla de la Sagrado Familia, NM
Black mesa and Capilla de la Sagrado Familia, NM.

Rainbows have been intermittent this summer but they have been spectacular. Here’s one of my favorite scenes taken in El Prado with cattle and Taos Mountain (Pueblo Peak).

Rainbows in El Prado with Taos Mountain, (Pueblo Peak)
Rainbows in El Prado with Taos Mountain, (Pueblo Peak).

Walking Rain is a spiritual experience in my mind. If you visit New Mexico, primarily in the summer months, you will more than likely, see this phenomenon for yourself. Here are two shots I like.

Walking Rain across the plateau west of Taos
Walking Rain (virga) at sunset across the plateau west of Taos.

I also call walking rain, rain curtains. It’s technically called Virga rain. Check it out over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, New Mexico.

Walking rain, rain curtain, Taos mountains
Walking rain, rain curtain, Taos mountains.
Walking rain, rain curtain, Taos mountains close up.
A close-up in the walking rain, in the rain curtain!

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27 thoughts on “Black Mesa, Rainbow, And Walking Rain. 08-16-2023.”

  1. Walking rain is very special. Love your rainbows, too. And the Black Mesa shot is amazing, like all you do.

    I am sad that unforseen circumstances have cancelled my drive south to your area this month… maybe next ~

  2. Tonight instead of looking at the images on my iPad, I brought them up on the computer’s large monitor. Better! These pictures deserve to be seen large, very nice.

    • That’s good to hear. Thanks for letting me know. I’m enjoying your august calendar picture. Every month is a gem. Thanks, Larry. G

    • Thank you, James. I really appreciate you sharing your personal experience. I saw all the earliest prints of Moonrise at LACMA in the 1980s. It was enlightening. I never met Ansel, but I did his son Michael on a few occasions. Thanks again. G

  3. Incredible shot of Black Mesa Geraint, thanks. I am going to post it attribution, I hope that is acceptable. The previous commenter is exactly right, a large screen if very complimentary to your photos……

  4. That rainbow landing on the corn maiden in the Mtn is spectacular!!! She is one of my favorite sights when visiting my Taos family. Having only left a couple of weeks ago, this is an especially beautiful shot for me….❤️ Thank you

    • Hi Lori. This is actually Taos Mountain, Pueblo Peak. But I understand your excitement over “corn maiden”. The mountain you refer to is a favorite of mine and features in a lot of my work. I hope you get to visit again soon. Thanks so much, Lori. G

    • Thanks so much, Robert. Thanks for continuing to check in and comment. I appreciate it very much. I hope you are doing well. G

    • It’s wonderful to see and the pace of walking rain speed is determined by how fast the storm moves. I like the slow ones. Mesmerizing. Thanks, Alison. G

  5. Beautiful images Geraint. Love the Black Mesa shot. The El Prado rainbow shot reminded me to tell you there was a beautiful double rainbow in Taos the evening of our second day. We were out at dinner so all I got was an iPhone shot from the parking lot- but maybe it’ll surface one day on my Instagram. About done editing, still have lots of good photos from my time with you there. Best, Scott


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