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Taos Pueblo Visit. On A Street Corner. 07-19-2023

Greetings from San Cristobal, NM. This week a brief visit to the Taos Pueblo, the heart and soul of Taos, New Mexico, followed by two pieces from the “Intersections” series.

Standing the shade of the ramada/drying racks with a coolish breeze was pleasant, watching the as my guest took photos.

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Taos Pueblo ramada shade
Taos Pueblo in the shade under the ramada.

Taos Pueblo Mission Church of San Geronimo. The building had just received a new coat of adobe mud. Here is a look at the Pueblo North House in snow, BC (before covid).

Taos Pueblo Mission church of San Geronimo
Taos Pueblo Mission church of (St. Jerome), San Geronimo.

Below are two of the latest images from my ongoing, “Intersections” series. These vistas are vanishing fast. Every time I come across a unique location I make a panoramic image depicting its current status. In the first image, about a mile from our home, our little “Valley Store” on the corner of Camino del Medio and Flora Dr. is closed now. There is one consolation, the trailer is not for sale or rent, so it may be around for quite some time. Eventually, who knows what will happen? I think it is the uncertain future of the old places that intrigues me most. I think it’s important to document such scenes and only wish I’d begun sooner.

San Cristobal Valley Store.
Valley Store, San Cristobal.

Capilla de San Acacio, Road 15 and Road 12, near San Luis, Colorado. The resident greeter wandered up to say hello. If you look closely you can see him heading towards me in the first frame on the left and the last but one frame directly in front of me. It wasn’t much of a greeting. He walked around behind me, gave me the once over, and left the scene.

Old San Acacio, Colorado
Old San Acacio, Colorado.

As always, thank you for looking. G

12 thoughts on “Taos Pueblo Visit. On A Street Corner. 07-19-2023”

    • When I go through the archives I realize I’ve been around quite awhile and have seen many changes. Thank you, Mara. G

  1. I love those vintage trailers! I am always looking for them.
    As always, thanks for the great photos and commentary.
    See you down the road.

    • I like your trailer images I’ve seen. You should go to Farmington and Bloomfield, NM. I’ve seen lots of them there! Thanks, Mark. G

  2. So glad I got to photograph the Valley Store with you before it closed. Hope the trailer stays for a long time! I love your pano version of it.

  3. Interesting to look back think we all wish we had taken more shots. It’s only when we look back that we appreciate change. Thankyou.


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