Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

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Sangre De Cristo Mountains, Last Light

Sangre De Cristo Mountains, last light from the Arroyo Hondo Valley, NM. On the drive home this evening we pulled over a few times. When the sun had set, the light levels on the mountains gave “twilight” a whole new meaning. Thanks for looking. G

Sangre De Cristo Mountains, last light

First Snow, Rim Road, Arroyo Seco, NM

First Snow, Rim Road, Arroyo Seco, NM. It’s coming again in a couple of days, more snow. This image was from last week, a real pretty snow fall, and crisp clear light. Thanks for looking. G

First Snow, Rim Road, Arroyo Seco, NM.

Amalia, Rio Costilla Valley, New Mexico

Amalia, in the Rio Costilla Valley, New Mexico. Last week’s photo tour found us surrounded by some of the most beautiful countryside in northern New Mexico. The road through the Rio Costilla Valley has many places to stop and make images. On last weeks tour we stopped every few hundred yards. For the first time in a long while, I filled up a 32 gig camera card. If you’re so inclined, I would love to have you join me on a photo tour. Thanks for looking. G

Amalia, in the Rio Costilla Valley, New Mexico.

Autumn Colors, Mountain Storm Brewing

Autumn colors and a storm brewing in the mountains of northern New Mexico. Well, not this year, not yet! Continuing to dig in the archives I came across this image from 2010. This view is in Des Montes just north of Taos and we’re looking at the valley directly ahead that leads to the Taos Ski area. In this shot it looks like snow in them there hills. Thanks for looking. G

Autumn colors and a storm, northern New Mexico.

Arroyo Hondo Mesa Rainbow

Arroyo Hondo Mesa, Rainbow. The promise from last nights post tonight. It was so large and I was so close that even three stitched images couldn’t fit it all in. The outer arc was thinly veiled in the clouds, so not as defined as the parts you see. I plan to do better! As always thank you for looking. G

Arroyo Hondo Mesa Rainbow

Chipmunk, Rock Meditation

Chipmunk, Rock Meditation. Why meditation? This little guy took a minute to notice our presence. It was so transfixed, that, or the warm afternoon sun made it drowsy. We were able to make a number of images before it snapped out of it and buzzed off! Thanks for looking. G

Chipmunk, Rock Meditation

Highway 17, Colorado

Highway 17, Colorado, where the clouds are shared with New Mexico as the road traverses the mountain passes at the Colorado, New Mexico state line. The aspens are looking superb this year as we anticipate another colorful fall. Join me on a fall tour. I have some dates open. Thanks for looking. G

Highway 17, Colorado

Rio Hondo, Columbines, Twining, New Mexico

Rio Hondo, Columbines, Twining, New Mexico. On a photo tour/workshop hike along the Williams Lake Trail in Taos Ski Valley. The trail makes it’s way through the pines with views of the Rio Hondo. The cool air and freezing mountain run off in the river makes for a very pleasant photography trip. iPhone only on this one. Join me! Thanks for looking. G

Rio Hondo, Columbine, Twining, New Mexico

Columbine, Waterfall, Taos Ski Valley

Columbine, waterfall, Taos Ski Valley. We made a trip to Taos Ski Valley today suspecting that the columbine would be blooming. They were, gorgeous and pristine. There were many other wild flowers, indian paintbrush, daisies, shooting stars, and lots of water in the Rio Hondo. Temperatures were 15 degrees cooler in the mountains. Nice. Thanks for looking. G

Columbine, Waterfall, Taos Ski Valley

Indian Paintbrush Valle Vidal

Indian Paintbrush and approaching storm in the Valle Vidal, NM. Got down on the ground for this one. The iPhone works well for that and reviewing images on the larger screen for composition and framing on photo tours. It has been a month of trips in the mountains where it has been so lush, green and sparkling with wildflowers. There are no signs of it changing soon. Want to go to the mountains? Thanks for looking. G

Indian Paintbrush in the Valle Vidal, NM.