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Snow Moon, Taos Mountains. 02-08-2023.

Greetings from San Cristobal. This week the Snow Moon is rising over the mountains of Taos.

In the first image, I watched the moon rise behind the peak of Vallecito Mountain. It’s a favorite location of mine, as you may have seen from past posts. The sun was setting as the moon rose. The light on the landscape was balanced nicely, with the moon perfectly exposed.

Snow moon rising over Vallecito Mountain
Snow moon rising over Vallecito Mountain.

Fifteen minutes later the sun had set leaving the mountain and sky with a soft lighted glow.

Snow moon rising over Vallecito Mountain
After sunset, the moon rises higher over Vallecito Mountain.

Three miles south and much closer to Pueblo Peak (Taos Mountain) I was able to catch the moon in a good poistion.

Pueblo peak, Taos mountain
Pueblo peak, Taos mountain Snow Moon rise.

Generally speaking, on an outing to photograph the moon rise, I begin looking for a view point further west and then drive east, getting closer to the mountains, stopping to make more images as the moon emegeres from behind the different parks. If you want to join me on a full-moon photography adventure, please get in touch, it will be a lot of fun!

Bird of the week, the tenacious Rock Wren in the Rio Grande Gorge, Pilar, NM.

Rock Wren, Rio Grande Gorge

As always thank you for looking. G

8 thoughts on “Snow Moon, Taos Mountains. 02-08-2023.”

  1. I love the fact that you captured the snow moon just coming up over the snowy mountain. Spectacular photos……. Watching the drastic change in place and time is lovely. And what a great portrait of the Rock Wren—so perfectly blended into its environment.
    Thank you……..Helen

    • Hi Helen. Thank you so much for your comments and compliments. I really appreciate them. The rock wren was a lot of fun to watch flit around. Best wishes. G

  2. Great shot (second moon) of Olive Oil sitting in her rocking chair. I appreciate the photo of the Rock Wren. Now, I’ll look it up so I know what it sounds like. The sound of the Canyon Wren is one of my favorites.

    • Thank you so much, Jo. The second shot with soft light has grown on me. The rock wren is sweet but nothing beats the sound of a canyon wren when heard with an echo in the canyon. G


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