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Harvest Moon, Sangre De Cristos, October, 2020

Harvest Moon rising over the Sangre De Cristo Mountains, New Mexico, October 2020. The orange color is another fire smoke filter, so to speak. The actual full Harvest moon was today around 3 pm. In this image, the moon was 99.1% of full. Well, we won’t quibble. Thanks for looking and keep looking up. G

Harvest Moon, Sangre De Cristos, October, 2020,

4 thoughts on “Harvest Moon, Sangre De Cristos, October, 2020”

  1. Our full moon didn’t come up…I was out, but didn’t stick around for Mercury. The smoke was way worse in the east last night, today it is in the west as well, I’m hoping it is Colorado smoke and that it goes north to give you some more autumn good days of shooting.

    • We are socked in right now with clouds. Hoping to see it rise this evening later if it clears. I hope it all clears up for you too. Thanks, Larry. G


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