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Grandeur Of Taos Mountain Storm. 09-19-2023

Greetings from San Cristobal, New Mexico. This week, the grandeur of Taos Mountain. The light, the storm, and the mountain’s ever-present beauty drew me here. It is why I stayed and continue to marvel at its grandeur. Whenever I commute to Taos, about 15 miles south, there is always something stunning to see that inspires me to stop and take a picture. Maybe even a nasty hail storm, although wild and scary to drive through, has its natural beauty.

Storm across the meadow to Taos Mountain
Storm across the meadow to Taos Mountain, (Pueblo Peak).

A few minutes after stopping to take the image below, I arrived home to the roads covered in fingernail-size hail. Nothing like the golf ball hail other places receive but plenty big enough to strafe the trees and plants.

Moisture is a good thing despite the ferocious way it arrives.

Storm across the Taos Plateau
An imminent storm across the Taos Plateau.
Hail, San Cristobal
Hail, San Cristobal.

It was about an inch and like riding on marbles.

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As always thanks for looking and all the compliments and comments. G

8 thoughts on “Grandeur Of Taos Mountain Storm. 09-19-2023”

  1. I’m enjoying the images and your story about the hail. It reminds me of the time I was at the Philmont Boy Scout Ranch. One day while hiking, we were visited by hail the size of golf balls. Almost 60 years later, I still remember the experience.

    • I have never been in such a hailstorm you describe but I have see scouts walking in a drenching rainstorm on the ranch, at its extreme boundaries. I’m glad your memory serves you well. Thanks for sharing. G

  2. No fun for you you sure, but man do I miss Taos. Your photos reminded me of our first winter there in 1970 driving into the Carson Forest collecting fallen branches and burning them in our little kiva.

    • I think I would miss the place too if I left. Thank you for checking in and for sharing another story. I appreciate that very much. Cheers, Jim. G

  3. Love the photos of the storm … the marble sized hail on the road made me flash back to when myself and all other drivers pulled to the side of the road while headed into Santa Fe when nearly a foot of hail piled up all at once.
    Such depth of hail suddenly falling was more common in spring storms living in Colorado


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