In The Shadow Of The Dike At Shiprock, NM

In the shadow of the dike wall at Shiprock, NM. Ship Rock is also known as Tse Bitai, or “the winged rock” in Navajo. Personally, I prefer the latter. I haven’t ever caught on to the idea of it looking much like a ship. Click on the link below for more info on “Shiprock” and thanks for looking. G

In The Shadow Of The Dike At Shiprock, NM

2 thoughts on “In The Shadow Of The Dike At Shiprock, NM

  1. When seen from a distance, a prominence on a flat featureless plain, I can kind of talk myself into seeing a ship. But I agree, “the winged rock” is more appropriate. Not least because the Navajo name predates “Shiprock” by many centuries, if not millennia. Precedence to history.

    I found the place strangely, indescribably evocative, haunting, and then I learned that it is a revered sacred site for the Navajo. You captured an interesting perspective, with the dyke and shadows speaking to “things hidden”. A wonderful image – is it from IS Route 13, or were you able to get closer?

    1. Hi Ian. Thank you for these thoughts and for taking the time to share them with me. I do believe this place grows on you. I feel it reveals a little more of itself with each visit. Just enough, though, to keep me going back. Re location, we took the little trail up to the wall and followed it along the wall a little ways. I liked the perspective definitely. Thanks Ian. G

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