Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Snow, Cattle Guard, Osprey, Elk, RV, Road G, Chile Trompe l’oeil

Elk head antlers

Some shots around the extended neighborhood these last couple of weeks. Still a lot of snow in the high country and a brightly colored cattle guard glowing like Kodachrome® yellow. An Osprey with a half-eaten fish on a fence post in the Chama Valley followed by an elk skull and antlers with a backdrop of San Antonio Mountain and great sky over the Volcanic Plateau. A few days ago we cruised north into the San Luis Valley and found an RV standing alone under a brooding sky and the Road G intersection with Road 7 looking north towards Blanca Peak and south to Ute Mountain. Last but not least on a photo tour/workshop two weeks ago, Chile Trompe l’oeil in Costilla and El Rito, NM. Thanks for checking in and looking and for all the great comments, emails, and compliments. G

High Country Snow fence
High country snow and fence near Hopewell Lake, NM.

Cattle Guard, Kodachrome Yellow
Cattle Guard, thoughts of Kodachrome come to mind.

Osprey Chama NM
Osprey on a fence post with half eaten fish in Chama, NM.

Elk head antlers
Elk head, antlers with San Antonio Mountain in the Taos Volcanic Plateau.

RV, San Luis Valley
RV, San Luis Valley, southern Colorado.

Road G San Luis Valley looking north
Road G in the San Luis Valley looking north to Blanca Peak.

Road G San Luis Valley Ute Mountain
Road G in the San Luis Valley looking south to Ute Mountain.

Blue door with chile Trompe l'oeil in Costilla, NM
Blue door with red chile ristras Trompe l’oeil in Costilla, NM.

Painted Chiles
Painted chiles on El Farolito Restaurant in El Rito, NM

Raptor and a Sears Kit Home

Homestead and raptor

The old charm of New Mexico in two images presented with an old look of a scratched and worn film base. The first is a hawk launching over an old homestead near La Jara, Colorado. The second, an iconic Sears kit home in Estancia, NM. I’m on photo tours this week so I’ll keep it short. If you’d like to join me on a trip, visit my photo tour/workshop page. I’ll look forward to seeing you here.

Homestead and raptor
A raptor launches over a homestead near La Jara, Colorado.

Sears kit home, Estancia, New Mexico
A Sears kit home in the town of Estancia, New Mexico

Thanks for looking. G

The Valley, The Desert

San Luis Valley tree and clouds

The valleys are beginning to show signs of green. The desert has water running through it. The light illuminates the many forms and geology of the area.

San Luis Valley tree and clouds
Cloud formations with a complimentary tree.

Ghost Ranch, New Mexico
As they say, “a river runs through it” in Ghost Ranch, NM

Arroyo Blanco formations
Many intriguing rock formations in Arroyo Blanco, Abiquiu, New Mexico

I’m never at a loss for places to explore in this area. Thanks for looking. Stay well. G

Blanca Peak Massif, Colorado

Blanca Peak Massif, highway 160 Colorado

Road trip to Alamosa for covid shots. No matter the reason for the trip, there’s always something to see. On this occasion a very large storm cell moving through the Central San Luis Valley carrying spitting kernels of snow. Standing up in the bed of the truck was stinging but exhilarating, to say the least. It didn’t stop me. We stopped into other locations as well for the black and white below. There are 14,000 ft peaks in this range behind those clouds.

Blanca Peak Massif, highway 160 Colorado
Storm cell, Blanca Peak Massif, and Highway 160, Colorado.

Storm cell San Luis Valley, Colorado
Storm cell over Blanca Peak, San Luis Valley, Colorado.

Following are a few pictures from one of the five photo tours/workshops during the last month. I’m booking tours/workshops from June through the rest of the year and beyond. Let me know if you want to join me on the road in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado.

Rust Paint Patina
Rust, Paint, Patina on a farm tractor in Jaroso, Colorado.

Combination mail boxes, Jaroso
Combination mail boxes with Eagle in the Jaroso, post office, Colorado.

Garcia Colorado photo tour/workshop
Working the ruins in Garcia, Colorado on a photo tour/workshop.

Thanks for looking. Stay healthy. See you next week. G

Full Moon Rise, Sangre de Cristo Mountains

Full moon rising over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of southern Colorado.

The full moon rising last Saturday over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of southern Colorado. Commonly known as the “Worm Moon” it’s also known by these names in other cultures. Crow Moon, Sap Moon, Moon of Winds, Fish Moon. Here’s a link to the names of full moons in many other cultures. I’m rather partial to “Crow moon”. The crows in our field get busy at this time of year and show up every morning before sunrise. This is a photo of a crow with the full moon back in early December. Despite the names bestowed on a full moon, it’s a most wondrous site to behold rising over fresh snow-covered peaks of the “Sangres”. This was shot and cropped from a very large panoramic image on a photo tour/workshop. Join me in this area for a trip to see sights like this.

Full worm moon rising over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of southern Colorado.
The full “worm moon” rising last Saturday over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of southern Colorado

Here’s the panorama of the whole scene. If you have room for a large print, the detail in both is amazing. Prints will be available soon.

The full moon rising last Saturday over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of southern Colorado
Large panorama of the full moon rising over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of southern Colorado

As always, thank you for looking. G

Taos Mountain Clouds

Taos Mountain (Pueblo Peak)

One photo this week of Taos Mountain (Pueblo Peak) in black and white. I had a longer post planned but the hosting company server crashed this morning, until an hour ago. They emailed and were very gracious and apologized and let me know things were up and running. So, I hope you enjoy this image from this last week, this week.

Taos Mountain (Pueblo Peak) Taos New Mexico.
A view of Taos Mountain (Pueblo Peak) across El Prado (the Meadows) with late afternoon light and cattle.

San Luis Valley Snow Day Out

Ute Mountain Tree

Last Sunday snow was forecast, so we headed out into the San Luis Valley, Colorado for a half-day in what was supposed to be blizzard conditions. I’ve been in far worst blizzards. The snow held off for some time, however, after the initial delightful powdery stuff, the snow was thick and wet. Wet snow just didn’t cut it. Of course, we made a day of it and took lunch and cups of tea. When we got home I warmed up with a large whiskey.

This area is one of my most favorite places to visit for personal work or on a photo tour/workshop. On this trip, I was looking to photograph familiar locations in more minimalist compositions. As a side note, my friend and author John Nichols told me he derived inspiration for his book “The Milagro Beanfield War” in this area.

Ute Mountain Tree
Windswept tree, Ute Mountain, Colorado State Line

Garcia, Abandoned Homestead
Abandoned adobe in Garcia, Colorado.

White house San Luis Valley
An abandoned homestead San Luis Valley.

Abandoned homestead San Luis Valley
Abandoned homestead in the San Luis Valley, Colorado.

Red Barn and Fence
Red Barn and fence San Luis Valley

Lone Tree, San Luis Valley, Colorado
Lone Tree, in the San Luis Valley, Colorado.

And then the heavy wet snow began to fall, which was beautiful to look at for sure, but my gear didn’t like it, especially the lens front element.

Grain silos, Colorado
Grain silos and tractors near San Acacio, Colorado.

Pole Barn San Acacio, Colorado
A pole barn a few hay bales near San Acacio, Colorado.

Old homestead, San Luis Colorado.
Old homestead, San Luis Colorado.

Barbed wire, homestead, San Luis Colorado.
Barbed wire fence at the old homestead, San Luis Valley, Colorado.

Fence line San Luis Valley
Fence line and snow covered road San Luis Valley.

Horse skeleton and tree
Frozen horse skeleton and tree. San Acacio, Colorado.

Red Barn, Colorado
Snowing heavy around my favorite Red Barn, Colorado

Pivot Irrigator
Vanishing pivot irrigator near Mesita, Colorado

River, San Luis Valley
A small river running through the San Luis Valley.

Thank you for all your comments, and compliments. I really appreciate all my friends, and as always thank you for looking.


On The Road Again.

Valle Caldera, National Preserve

Starting with the Valles Caldera National Preserve this week, Pami and I made a Saturday drive around the block… way around the block. We headed to the Caldera, Jemez Springs, the Gilman Tunnels, Cuba, Abiquiu, and home, a 334-mile block. I also added a couple of images from later in the week from Arroyo Seco, NM.

The Valles Caldera is a supervolcano and will be familiar to you if you’ve watched the series “Longmire.” Walt Longmire’s cabin is located here, the caldera doubles for Wyoming. On this day we listened to the melted ice waters gently lapping in the East Fork of the Jemez River and watched a couple of coyotes hunting way off in the distance other than this it was relatively quiet.

Valles Caldera, National Preserve, New Mexico
The East Fork of the Jemez River in the Valles Caldera.

The Gilman Tunnels were great to visit and the hike through the canyon but there were plenty of us people clogging up the views of the tunnels. If you are familiar with the latest “Lone Ranger” movie with Johnny Depp, then you have seen the tunnels.

Rio Guadalupe canyon
Sun setting over the vertical rock walls of the Rio Guadalupe Canyon at the Gilman Tunnels.

Here’s a cell phone snap of the tunnels. Yep there are tunnels. The real beauty is the canyon.

Gilman tunnels, Jemez NM
Gilman Tunnels, NM.

Not much to say about this abandoned car along the Rio Puerco in Cuba, New Mexico, except that Pami spotted it as we drove by on the overpass. She insisted I should turn around, that I would like it, and I did!

Abandoned car in Cuba New Mexico
Abandoned car along the Rio Puerco in Cuba, New Mexico.

Holy Trinity Church in Arroyo Seco, NM has some nice sculptural adobe details that make for nice accents catching the late afternoon light.

Holy Trinity Church, Arroyo Seco NM
Late after noon light at the Holy Trinity Church in Arroyo Seco NM

Always prepared to look past the obvious I spotted this detail of an exquisite little ornament placed there by a visitor.

Cross and ornament, Holy Trinity Church
Devotional ornament at the Holy Trinity Church, Arroyo Seco, NM.

Last but not least. Nearly all images on my website are available as prints. I’m particularly proud of this black and white print of White House Ruin made in Canyon de Chelly a couple of years ago. It is available on my website now, click on the image below to select a size option.

Black and white print of White House Ruin made in Canyon de Chelly
White House Ruin made in Canyon de Chelly National Monument.

As always thank you for looking.


Details, Details, Details

Chevrolet Truck

We stopped in to visit that same old truck from last week’s post on a photo tour/workshop this week. I added a couple of images of the other work trucks parked at the same location. My client and I played it safe on this trip traveling in separate vehicles and keeping a safe shooting space between us on the High Road to Taos, the Rio Grande Gorge, and the Sites of Taos tours. Since then I’ve had my first Covid vaccine (yeah!) with my booster scheduled for the end of March. If you feel safe traveling and have had your vaccinations and would like to join me here in New Mexico, I’m booking dates from mid-April through the rest of the year. I believe we can do this safely and enjoyably in my vehicle which hasn’t been possible for the last year. I’ll be happy and look forward to introducing you to some of my favorite locations in this area.

Overland Ranch

GMC truck weathered patina

Overland Ranch truck detail

GMC truck oxidation

Chevrolet Truck

Old Chevy truck

Door handle

Bolts and patina Chevy Truck

Chevy work truck

As always thank you for looking.