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San Luis, A Beautiful Sunday Drive, 12-06-2023

Greetings from San Cristobal, NM. This week a Sunday Drive around the San Luis Valley.

Well, I’m able to walk upright and without a scooter or crutches now! I feel good about that.

It was a beautiful sunny day last Sunday, with snow on the peaks and intermittent cloud cover, so we drove north to San Luis in Colorado and made a leisurely drive home, visiting some of the usual locations, which I’m sure you will recognize.

The shrine of the stations of the cross is situated on a mesa above the town of San Luis, reputed to be the oldest town in Colorado. The sign, made out of white-washed rocks, says so!

In this shot, I liked the juxtaposition of the cell phone and communication towers. Perhaps a direct line to the universe?

Stations of the cross shrine, and cell towers, sunday drive to San Luis Colorado
Stations of the cross shrine, and cell towers, San Luis Colorado.

The next stop on our Sunday drive route was the old homestead, photographed by me a hundred times. One day I’m sure I’ll have the last photo of this building standing before its final demise.

San Luis valley homestead
San Luis Valley Homestead.

On the road a sign proclaiming “Jesus 2024” with what appears to be the faded colors of a Ukrainian flag. I didn’t know Jesus was running in the upcoming election. May the best man win.

Jesus is running 2024 Sunday drive San Luis CO
Jesus is running in 2024.

A seasonal creek running north-south through the lower valley. If you zoom in you can just make out the 14,000+ foot peaks of the Blanca massif.

Ice, San Luis valley, Colorado
Ice on a seasonal creek, San Luis Valley, Colorado.

The crows are back congregating every morning in our mostly dead cottonwood tree. I shot this image on Saturday. I’m happy to be up and fairly mobile and getting some fresh images again.

American crows, San Cristobal cottonwood tree
American Crows.

I do love a Sunday drive with no agenda attached.

As always thanks for looking and for all the well wishes. G.

7 thoughts on “San Luis, A Beautiful Sunday Drive, 12-06-2023”

  1. Happy to hear your recovery is coming along well.
    Love your capture of the congress of crows. I’m missing the antics of the corvids.

    “I think landscape is an incredible mystical teacher, and when you begin to tune into its sacred presence, something shifts inside you.”
    – John O’Donohue

    • It is wonderful in the valley. Peace, solitude and tranquility. And no people for the most part. I’m up there four or five times a month. Thanks, Gary. G

  2. Belated congrats on finally getting around again. Let’s face it, immobility is doubly hard on photographers!

    And, by the way, I think it would be unfair to have to run against Jesus. He would make no mistakes.


    • You’re right Paul! I’m feeling a little cloistered not being able to drive. Pami has been great driving me to appointments and a couple of other outings. Looking forward to full mobility by january. Thanks so much, Paul. I hope you are well and enjoying your change of seasons. Keep up the great work. G


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