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Flashback, First Impressions, New Mexico. 04-26-2023

Greetings from San Cristobal. This week, a trip down memory lane, a visual flashback of images from my first few trips and early years in New Mexico.

Looking back it’s hard to visualize almost 40 years since I took the first photograph below in November 1984. The images are in no particular order and captioned with the place and year.

Traveling down memory lane has inspired me to start scanning what will ultimately be a few thousand transparencies. All images are scans of Kodachrome 64 slide film. I hope you enjoy the visit.

John Taos Pueblo, Thanksgiving, flashback to 1984
John greeting visitors to Taos Pueblo, Thanksgiving, 1984

I’ve photographed the church of San José de Gracia in Las Trampas more times than I can count. Below is my very first shot during my first time visiting New Mexico. I have other shots from the trip but I like this one because of the dog sitting casually, minding its own business. Nowadays tourists are the ones getting in my shots.

Las Trampas church dog, 1984
Las Trampas church dog on the High Road to Taos, 1984

The sign at the Taos Inn is still welcoming visitors to Taos. No more curios that I know of. Some local characters may pass for curios.

Taos Inn neon sign, 1985
Taos Inn neon sign, 1985

I’d appreciate someone letting me know what vehicles these are. I’m pretty certain the car on the right is a Ford. Currently, the Ford and Adobe are still there.

Old cars, and adobe, Galisteo, 1986
Old Cars, and adobe, Galisteo, 1986

Traveling during August in New Mexico 1985 many small scale purveyors of local havests, their roadside stands festooned with the red and the green chiles were in abundance and a treat to photograph.

Fruit stand, Española, New Mexico, 1985
Fruit stand, Española, New Mexico, 1985
Penitente Morada, Truchas, 1988
Penitente Morada, Truchas, 1988

I shot the image below shortly after Dennis Hopper finished filming a murder scene in this old adobe building in the movie Backtrack with Jodie Foster. The adobe home was demolished this year.

Saint Francis adobe window, 1988
Saint Francis through an open adobe window, 1989

Flashback to the Ranchos de Taos Plaza when the Magic Sky Gallery (coral colored building) was open with a boardwalk and planters.

Magic Sky Gallery, Ranchos de Taos, 1988
Magic Sky Gallery, Ranchos de Taos, 1988

Flashback, Ranchos Plaza, view through a vintage truck window, 1991
Ranchos Plaza, view through the window of a vintage truck, 1991

Ranchitos Road adobe artist studio, 1988
Ranchitos Road adobe, building, and artist studio, 1988

Currently, the Stewart House” formerly a BandB buildings are no longer visible from this location, as many homes now occupy the foreground. Vallecito Peak in the background has become a favorite subject for my work. Change, is the only constant, along with death and taxes.

Stewart House Vallecito Peak 1987
“Stewart House” Highway 150, with Vallecito Peak 1987

Plenty of snow my first winter in New Mexico. That’s my 1958 Volkswagen Beetle buried there in front of the house.

Talpa, dude ranch compound 1989
Talpa, dude Ranch compound 1989

Here’s a picture of my friend and artist, Harry Vedoe when we skied from Talpa and way beyond into the hills. Later in the day we had a wonderful run down and soak in the Ponce de Leon hot springs before heading home. In the winter of February 1989, we had a lot of snow. We were able to cross-country ski out the door on many occasions.

Cross country skiing, Talpa, 1989
Flashback to cross-country skiing, Talpa, 1989

This tree has been featured in my work for many years. After thriving for many years it has finally succumbed to neglect and lack of moisture. It’s still standing, for now.

Lone tree, Taos 1993
Lone Tree, at the overlook Taos, 1993
Santa Fe 4 sale 1986
Santa Fe 4 Sale license plate, 1986
Pasquals Santa Fe, 1984
Pasqual’s Santa Fe, reading the menu, 1984

A drive to Sandia Crest revealed a trail worthy of an afternoon stroll in the fresh snowfall, with views to the west of Albuquerque.

Sandia Crest, Albuquerque, 1987
Sandia Crest, Albuquerque, 1987

The bison below escaped from the herd at Taos Pueblo. I happened to be driving along and took some shots before it was caught and returned to the Pueblo.

Escaped Bison on US 64, 1994
An escaped Bison trucking alongside US 64 Taos, 1994

As always, thanks for looking. Have a great week. G

35 thoughts on “Flashback, First Impressions, New Mexico. 04-26-2023”

  1. Hey Geraint…healed up enough for a short hike yet?…Cars are a 1951 Pontiac or Oldsmobile on left…’57 Ford on right….we got to keep makin’ memories ‘bro…………

    • Thank you, John. Not ready for the trail yet but walking quite well on the flat surface of roads in the village here. Also thank you for the info on the cars. I will add them to the caption later. G

  2. Believe the cars you asked about would be a ‘49 Chevy ‘hard top’ coupe and ‘57 Ford looks maybe a two door sedan. Photos are as uaual great, thanks for posting………Jay Schlegel

  3. What a wonderful tour down memory lane! I think the car on the left is definitely a 51 Oldsmobile. The Pontiac model would have a chrome fluted molding down the center of the trunk lid. The other is certainly a 1957 Ford. The terra cotta color on the Ford was typical of all American car makers of the mid fifties. They all used southwestern sunset colors. Charcoal, terra cotta and turquoise paired with white. Thanks for the beautiful images, Geraint. See you down the road.

    • I know all the right people when it comes to classic cars. I knew I could count on you.. Thank you so much, Mark. I hope you are both well. See you down the road. G

      • Good to see the success you’ve achieved following your dream Geraint, you’ve come a long way since you were awarded the Order of the John Bull and had the misfortune of having all of your photographic equipment stolen from your car outside Gorky’s.

  4. Thanks so much for the great flash back tour through your great photos. My last visits with NM family to many of these same areas was in the late 1980’s before they moved to the California coast

    • Thank you so much, Jim. I went to Yellowstone shortly after I saw this bison. And then I got the shot of the print you have years later on digital up El Salto road. Much closer to home and a really nice close up. Cheers. G

    • Thanks so much, Peter. I remember the trip out with you to the “valley” and enjoyed it thoroughly. I hope to see you again sometime. G

  5. Fantastic images, Geraint! I’m partial to Americana, of course, and there are some wonderful ones here.(and film, no less!)

    • Thanks so much, Paul. I really appreciate it and thoroughly enjoy your Americana pictures and now your birds. Hope to see you again soon. G


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