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On The Road, New Mexico, And Colorado. 08-09-2023

Greetings from San Cristobal, NM. This week on the road in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado. I spent a couple of days photo trekking last week discovering new sights and sites with longtime friend, and fellow trekker Ron. There are always new images waiting for us in familiar locations.

If you are planning to visit New Mexico this fall, check out my photo tour/workshops. Lets get started.

On the road at Saint Francis church
Saint Francis Church with hollyhocks.
Saint Francis  church door
Door number seven, Saint Francis Church door, Ranchos de Taos.
Building, Cerro NM
Building in Cerro, NM.
Plant growing out of a building on the road in Dixon NM
Plant growing out of a building crack, Dixon NM
Street markings
Street parking markings.
Woodpile, on the road in Truchas, NM
Woodpile and corrugated steel roof, Truchas, NM.
Building with TV antenna, Truchas, NM
Building with TV antenna, Truchas, NM.
Penitente Morada, Truchas, NM
Penitente Morada, Truchas, NM.
Trailer, Colorado
Trailer, southern Colorado.
Chevrolet 1946 Fleetline, Garcia Colorado
Chevrolet 1946 Fleetline, Garcia Colorado.

As always, thank you for looking. G

14 thoughts on “On The Road, New Mexico, And Colorado. 08-09-2023”

  1. This primo woodie grabbed me as I spent 25 wonderful years in Encinitas, CA where annually on the 3rd weekend in September they have the “granddaddy of all woodie meets,” — the Wavecrest woodie gathering at Moonlight Beach. The Main Street Association has kept the town true to its surfer roots and seeing Rt. 101 lined up with vintage woodies with surfboards atop is a beautiful sight to behold.

  2. The photo of the trailer in a field brought back some memories. The trailer in the photo is a ’50s era Anderson trailer. Our family bought a new Anderson 40-foot trailer in 1954. It was the third trailer I lived in, but the first one with a bathtub, a refrigerator and floor heat. My job was to wax the outside of it every summer (age 10). My wife is Tricia Holser, who you may remember from NMSU’s Information Dept. Thanks for the memories.

    • Thank you for sharing this experience and for identifying the trailer year and model. Waxing one of these things would keep you out of mischief. I do remember Tricia. My very best to you and her. Thank you, Arlee. G


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