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Sunset Clouds, Moon Set, Bighorn Sheep, 05-10-2023.

Greetings from San Cristobal. This week some images from northern New Mexico, Scotland, and England.

I shot the dramatic image of sunset clouds from a friend’s land near the village of Tres Piedras, just off US Highway 64, the other mother road. I took the moonset out of the bedroom window. I shot it ten years ago, but this is how it looked when the full moon set last Saturday morning. We have spectacular views where we live across the volcanic plateau to the west. The clouds at sunset appear to roll over the landscape and beyond over the mountains.

Sunset clouds from Tres Piedras, NM
Sunset clouds from Tres Piedras, NM.
Moon set from San Cristobal, NM
Moon set from San Cristobal, NM.

I threw a virtual dart at one of my hard drives again, and this image of a bighorn sheep ram popped up. I don’t know much about their nature, but, I do know, they own the canyons and rocks.

Bighorn sheep ram, Rio Grande Gorge
Bighorn sheep ram, Rio Grande Gorge, NM.

An early morning shot on a photo tour at the iconic Saint Francis Church.

Shadows at the Saint Francis Church, Ranchos de Taos, NM
Shadows at the Saint Francis Church, Ranchos de Taos, NM.

I came across this image when scanning slides a couple of weeks ago. I collaborated with a writer in 1989 on a story on the churches on the high road to Taos. The story was not published, but we had a good time, made many images, and learned a lot about the history, people, and culture of northern New Mexico.

Padre José Lopez, Cordova, NM 1989
Padre José Lopez, Cordova, NM, Kodachrome 1989.

Rock stackers are everywhere. I shot this image in Scotland a few years ago. It doesn’t work for me in wilderness areas. Besides, cairns make less obvious trails on the mountains and moors and are essential to finding one’s way. What you see in this photo, is a place just beyond the road where bus tours and cars stop to admire the view. What do you think?

Stacked rocks, Scotland
Stacked rocks, somewhere in Scotland.

I love that nature will thrive wherever and however, it will. This tenacious tree seems to be doing quite well.

Hillside tree, Yorkshire, England
Hillside Tree, Yorkshire, England.

I’m up and fully mobile again. I’m walking up to 2+ miles a day. Some days less, some days more. Thank you so much to all my friends and family who checked in on me. Immeasurably thanks and gratitude to my lovely wife, Pami, for taking care and putting up with me!

What started with a picture of sunset clouds took me, once again, down the hard drive rabbit hole.

I look forward to seeing you in New Mexico if it’s on your travel plans this year.

As always, thank you for looking. G

17 thoughts on “Sunset Clouds, Moon Set, Bighorn Sheep, 05-10-2023.”

  1. The stacked rocks are so interesting—
    I absolutely think the Scotland landscapes are my most beloved —
    We lived in Tres Piedras for a bit and were charmed – thank you for these- I do miss the bighorns…

    • Thanks so much, Kristine. There’s a vastness out here I’ve not experienced in other places. Scotland comes close. I hope you are well. G

  2. The stacked rocks remind me of padlocks on bridge railings. One might be meaningful. More than that, not so much.
    Love the moon set.

    • Thanks so much, Patricia. These things including locks have a life of their own. I hope you are well and enjoying spring where you are. G

    • Wikipedia is great for basic info. I talked to the doctor yesterday. Everything is fused and healing nicely. Thanks Larry . G

  3. Hi lots to note I like the big horn king of his castle. I had to look at the church more closely
    as at first thought it was two photos.
    Yes seen the stones on my way from Yorkshire to Skye. Somewhere in the mountains not sure where.

    I have a great Photo of a pile on the beach on holy island Lindisfarne An area which holds special memories. Yes one can be special lots get out of hand. The National trust knock them down, ok if just special for a moment ,no one wants to change the landscape.
    Thanks for the memories .

  4. Another rich collection showing off the world and Geraint’s many talents. I really like the shot of the man at the church door. Thank you for posting from your archives, and be well.

    • As it goes, timing is everything. I do my best. I have so many pictures of that building sometimes I wonder what I could possibly do differently. Stay tuned. Thanks so much Jim. G


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