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Solar Eclipse, Aspens, Autumn Continues. 10-18-2023.

Greetings from San Cristobal in northern New Mexico. This week, the solar eclipse from the deck. Our perspective at this latitude gave us 80% coverage. We could have gone to Albuquerque for totality but decided to put our feet up, play with the dog, shoot a few pictures, and save on a tank of gas. The photos below were shot using a tripod with a Sony camera and lens. I purchased a couple of pairs of eclipse glasses that worked very well. They’ll come in handy for the total eclipse next April. I hope you saw the solar eclipse where you are.

Solar eclipse, October 14, 2023, San Cristobal, NM
Solar eclipse, October 14, 2023, San Cristobal, NM.

In the image below, I opened up the exposure to get the clouds that were surrounding the event. There is some refraction from the use of two neutral density filters but you get the idea.

October 14, 2023 solar eclipse. San Cristobal, NM
October 14, 2023, solar eclipse. San Cristobal, NM.

The aspen groves continued to delight with colors at their peak in many areas. There is still a lot more peaking to come. I’ll be on a five-day photo tour during the coming week. It’s safe to say I’ll probably post more images.

Aspens sun star, New Mexico
Aspens and a sun star, Hopewell Lake, New Mexico.
Aspens near Hopewell Lake, NM
Off the beaten path near Hopewell Lake, NM.

No trip in the area is complete without a stop at the Red Barn. It was a beautiful sunny day in the San Luis Valley, however, the barn looked a little forlorn later in the day under the brooding sky. I plan to keep documenting it until…

Red Barn, San Luis Valley, Colorado
Red Barn, San Luis Valley, Colorado.

On the climb up the Cumbres Pass, the road crosses over the state line from New Mexico into Colorado. The picture below looked much more appealing in black and white during the midday sun. The type of clouds in the picture looked like this all day long. The Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railway also crosses the pass. If we are lucky, we sometimes meet the train there.

Black and white near the Cumbres Pass, New Mexico
Black and white near the Cumbres Pass, New Mexico.

We visit the location below numerous times throughout the year. Fall is my favorite.

Aspen grove and sky, Colorado
Aspen grove and sky, Colorado.

As always thank you for looking. Have a great week. G

20 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse, Aspens, Autumn Continues. 10-18-2023.”

    • Hi Scott. Thanks so much.? Things here are going well and it’s just beautiful. The colors are at peak. I hope you are well. I’m enjoying your posts. Take care my friend. G

    • Hi John, it’s going well. Very well. I hope all is well in your world. Thanks, John. I hope I see you out there or perhaps a coffee soon. G

  1. I was counting on you getting a dynamic photo of the eclipse for me, Geraint, and you came through First Class!

    I sat out under it and tried to feel the energy. Am kicking myself for not snapping a photo of the beautiful eclipse designs I saw on the ground.

  2. The SunStar on the aspens is spectacular; but the sunlight coming through the aspens at Hopewell really grabs my heart.

    I look forward to the beauty you capture in every single photo, Geraint. Will eagerly wait for more from your journey this week. I’m awaiting my ride, right now, to go to the Santa Fe ski area for a walk and a ride on the chairlift. A heartful of gratitude goes to out to you this morning!

    • Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with me, Joy. I hope your trip to the aspens and chair lift ride was everything you looked forward to and more. Best wishes. It is over yet. G

      • Too early for the chairlift but better yet….8 White-Tail Deer scrambled up a steep, almost perpendicular palisade, to slow down and look at me looking at them, before a quick run up the mountainside. The aspen were spectacular. We went early so witnessed the sun picking out different trees to illumimate. Only Beethovan’s “Ode to Joy” could have added an iota to the sight!

        Your photos, Geraint, enrich my life immensely! Mahalo nui loa and Aloha.

        • That’s quite an accounting of a wonderful experience. Thank you for sharing, Joy. I appreciate your compliments very much. Best wishes. G


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