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Horses, Favorite Photos This Week. 04-05-2023

Greetings from the San Cristobal, NM. This week some of my favorite images of horses.

It was fun to revisit the extensive folder of horse photos dating back to the first shot below, which I made on a 6-megapixel Canon Rebel in 2005.

I hope you enjoy the following gallery of horse pictures as much as I do.

Two horses
Yin Yang

As it is spring, why not include a couple of images of foals. This mare and her foal were on the road to Chaco Canyon.

Chaco horses
Chaco horses, a mare and her foal.
Foal, spring ing the Moreno Valley, NM.

Shots like the next two, fascinate me. I have quite a collection of this type of image.

Horse Back
Horse back.
Horse Back
Pinto and mountains.

I titled this image, “Old Blue Eye”. He had one blue eye. He made the cover of a local visitors guide, magazine.

Blue eye
Blue eye.

The guy smelled bad but his friend was classy looking. Too much time on his hooves roaming in the wild.

Dreadlocks and his fancy friend.

This sweet mare stood motionless in the snow storm only blinking occassionally at a snowflake.

Horse in snow
Snow horse.

These three came running as fast as you can say apple. My friend always carried apples for the horses should we find them out there.

Snow horses
In the high country.

The Ranchos Valley has some high vantage points. There are many fields with horses to photograph.

Winter willows
Winter willows in the Ranchos valley.

This image was taken on a photo workshop in the San Luis Valley. I usually post it in black and white.

Band of Wild horses
Band in the San Luis Valley.

My friend Dwain, who passed too soon was happy around horses, dogs, and kids. He was a hiker, camper, fisherman, and a fabulous sculptor.

Dwains shadow
Dwains shadow.

I posted the photo below on Facebook. It found a few homes with collectors. Click here if you are interested in a print.

Galley walls

Some fun facts about horses on Wikipedia.

I want to thank everyone for all the well wishes. I’m out of my big restrictive boot and into a comfortable pair of “Hoka” walking shoes. I had no idea how comfortable these shoes were. Lucky me.

As always thank you for looking. Have a good week. G

22 thoughts on “Horses, Favorite Photos This Week. 04-05-2023”

  1. Oh Geraint!!! And i thought i was floored by your ‘landscape’ pics!!!!! I love these soooo very much! Thank you for sharing..

    • Thank you so much, Carol. Some of the horses back’s resemble landscapes to me. I appreciate your compliments. Cheers, G

    • Thank you, Mark. I appreciate your compliments and comments and friendship all these years. Stay well and keep shooting. G

    • We have lots of wild ones here. I don’t feed them at all. In fact, I rarely carry apples anymore. Thank you, Elizabeth. G

  2. I was fascinated with your pictures, especially the rough little mare protecting her foal in Chaco Canyon, the gray horse with the tangled mane, and the shadow of the man and horse showing on the side of another horse. Outstanding efforts on every pictures.

    • Thank you so much, Dixie. I like your selection. I have many more pictures of horses. Stay tuned, there may be more to come. G


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