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Rio Grande, Bridge, Canyon, Tree. 02-22-2023

Greetings from San Cristobal, NM. This week the Rio Grande and surrounding views.

I’m sitting here with my foot elevated, looking out the window on our valley. The snow is blowing in high winds and chilling the air dramatically. The wind is breaching the gaps wherever it can.

Things are healing nicely with the surgery on my foot. Thank you for all the well wishes. They are welcomed and greatly appreciated.

Throwing a virtual dart at the archives this week, I came across the first image of the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge shrouded in a rare, early morning fog. I decided to pull a few more pictures from that folder and add them below.

I won’t be going very far for the next few weeks. I hope to make it to the Monte Vista NWR for the return of the sandhill cranes in mid-march. Until then, I hope you’ll enjoy my revisiting the archives with me.

The Rio Grande Gorge Bridge carries US Highway 64 across the canyon and river 600 feet below. Highway 64, the other mother road, has one terminus in the Outer Banks, NC and the other at Teec Nos Pos, Arizona. I’ve driven this section of the road, many times, to its western terminus. It passes through scenic areas with many opportunities for image making. In my humble opinion, unless you like abandoned motels, gas stations, and 1960’s era neon signs (all great subjects in their own right), on Route 66, take US 64 for the more scenic route.

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge
Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, in morning fog.
Gorge fog, Taos New Mexico
Morning fog rolls over the canyon walls.
Rio Grande morning fog
Morning fog on the river.
Gorge Bridge canyon cell phone view
Gorge bridge shadow and canyon view.
Orilla Verde Tree, Pilar NM
Snow and an iconic tree in Orilla Verde RA, Pilar NM.

Lastly, a view acros the gorge to Taos mountain. A gorge bush!

Gorge bush
Gorge bush.

As always, thank you for looking, and thank you again for all the well wishes. G

22 thoughts on “Rio Grande, Bridge, Canyon, Tree. 02-22-2023”

  1. Being new to your art, going through your archieves works for me.
    I have an affection and admiration for trees who live their whole life in one spot on Earth.
    Thank you for sharing with us your beauty and absolute perfection in every photo.
    So glad to learn that you are mending right on schedule.

  2. Hi Geraint, I really like the one of you standing on the bridge. It is a little scary, because it feels so high up! But the image in the phone is so clear. We hope you feel better after surgery. Patience with our bodies is key, and then we are back to our old, somewhat spoiled, selves again, bouncing around. That’s how I am at least. Best, Adam and Alexis

    • Thank you so much Adam and Alexis, for your well wishes, comments and compliments. I stay off the bridge as much as possible. It’s a long way down and shakes like Elvis when trucks roll over. G

  3. I am glad to hear your foot is healing, and I’m grateful for where your archive dart landed this week. US64 is special to me – I traveled it extensively when I lived in NC, and my grandparents lived right on the highway where it passed through Cimarron. I’ve traveled it through NM and AZ several times.
    I’m thinking about driving it back to NC sometime in the not too distant future.
    And of course, my love of heights is fed by standing in the middle of the RG Gorge bridge and feeling it shake as traffic passes by!
    Thanks as always for sharing your work and experiences with us.
    Cheers – G.

    • Thank you so much, Gary. I’m glad to hear your tales of US 64. I’ve not taken it any further east of NM but did contribute to a story a few years ago on the mother road. So I know a little more than I did on the easterly portion. Cheers, Gary. G

  4. Beautiful! I love looking at your photos ~ enjoy them very much. Brings New Mexico to me ~
    Hope your surgery recovery continues well! Take care ~


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