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Jaroso, Eastdale, Colorado. 04-19-2023

Greetings from San Cristobal. Jaroso, Eastdale, and the San Luis Valley of southern Colorado.

Yesterday, my friend Tom picked me up at home and we headed north for the afternoon in southern Colorado. It was my first trip out for any length of time since my surgery. It was nice to get out in the fresh air, get windswept, and in some spots nearly swept off our feet. The Rio Grande was in full flow with the illusion that it was running upstream in the wind.

The main street of Jaroso is divided by a row of tall pines. Anderson’s occupy the south side of the street, with the Jaroso Hotel and a number of artists’ studios on the north side. It’s a step back in time and I always enjoy a trip here.

Main street Jaroso, Colorado
Main Street Jaroso, Colorado.

Harold Anderson is a friendly gentleman with a pleasant disposition. We didn’t bump into him yesterday, though it is spring and a busy time on the farm.

Minneapolis Moline tractors, Jaroso, Colorado
Anderson’s Farm tractors Jaroso, Colorado.

Harold has a collection of Minneapolis Moline-made farm vehicles.

Andersons Farm Minneapolis Moline tractor Jaroso, Colorado
Anderson’s Farm, Minneapolis Moline.
Hotel Jaroso

A country block away from Jaroso is the extinct town of Eastdale, Colorado. The monument in the pictures below is inscribed with words that denote the brief history of its existence.

Eastdale township historic monument marker, San Luis Valley, Colorado
Eastdale Township, historical marker, San Luis Valley, Colorado

The obelisk reads:
“Mormon pioneers settled here 1890. They built reservoirs, homes, school, and a church.
By 1900 there were 120 pop, and post office. A water dispute led to the demise of town and sale of lands to Costilla Estate Development Co. in 1909.”

Eastdale township, San Luis Valley, Colorado
Eastdale Township, historical marker, San Luis Valley, Colorado.

If you would like to see more of this area please visit my San Luis Valley tour page to sign up for a photo workshop. Don’t let the wind deter you

As always, thank you for looking. G

28 thoughts on “Jaroso, Eastdale, Colorado. 04-19-2023”

  1. Great to hear you’re back out, Geraint. Being “stuck” inside must have been a bore! Great memories of Jaroso with you and Linda and, of course, Harold, that day.

    • Thanks so much, Paul. That was a good day with you and Linda. I specifically remember the pronghorn. Stuck inside for a couple of months I got to mull things over. A nice rest too. Cheers. G

  2. Maybe the “Milagro Beanfield War” by John Nicholas was inspired by Jaroso. I need to go there. Been to Garcia, Colorado. Such a sad place. So many dreams left behind n the crumbling adobe houses. Thanks Geraint

    • Costilla and Garcia were John’s inspiration if I remember correctly. Jaroso is a surprise in the middle of that area. Thank you Ron. Stay well. G

  3. Great photos G,
    I will have to make a trip to Jaroso as I have never been.
    Happy to hear you were able to get out and get blown….haha!
    Seems like a good day and outing.

  4. Geraint,
    I’m happy you got a little road dust on your shoulders! I recall Jaroso well, it was our first photo tour together. I’ve learned so much from you since that day in 2015. Thanks for your mentoring and friendship. Be well. Oh, and Harold Anderson is, indeed, a gentleman and a scholar. I love the images I made of him.

    • Was that our first trip? We’ve made so many. Thank you for the reminder and for your friendship all these years Mark. That was a nice portrait of Harold on FB. Thanks Mark. G

  5. Like a place out of a dream. Need to visit there. And Eastdale, another Japanese internment camp. Like the Frank S. Ortiz dog park in Santa Fe. One of our daughters has studied and worked in Japan and is reading a history of the internment camps. I will have to take her for a visit. Thanks for posting!

    • It’s a fascinating area and visit often. There’s a new book on the San Luis valley I have to pick up. When I find it I’ll pass along. Do take your daughter. Thank you, Gary. G

  6. My mother and her family lived there in the ‘20’s, and she said it was a hoppin’ place. My grandfather was part of the agricultural co-op in that area, where the Japanese were brought in to work the fields and ship the produce on the train from Jaroso to Denver. My father and his brothers took livestock to Jaroso to ship to the stockyards. The Eastdale post office was unique. Hard to imagine all that now. My grandparents are buried in Mesita. You’re right, the wind there only amplifies the desolation. Thanks, Geraint.

    • Dear Sheila. Thank you so much for sharing. Although I’m relatively new to the area (35 years) it has an uncanny feeling of home to me. There are so many places, especially Jaroso, that must have been happening in the day. Thank you again for giving me a little deeper insight into the area. G

  7. “Don’t let the wind deter you”
    My brother claims that Taylor, Arizona was founded when the wagon master said, “We’ll wait here until the wind dies down.”

    • It’s a unique place and was fun to make my first trip there and try out my new foot. All is well. I hope you are well. Thank you, Alison. G


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