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Spring, Northern New Mexico. 05-03-2023

Greetings from San Cristobal, on this beautiful Spring day. The light in the late afternoon is remarkable. The clouds roll through, and spring storms envelop the valleys and the mountain peaks in waves. The sun gets through where it will, spotlighting the new growth.

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San Cristobal Valley spring
A Spring day in the San Cristobal Valley.

The acequias, irrigation ditches that divert water across northern New Mexico are flowing full in the spring runoff. This time last year, New Mexico’s largest wildfire was underway, ultimately destroying 350,000+ acres. We are very grateful for the moisture this year.

Spring in the Taos Valley an acequia, in El Prado
Water in an acequia, irrigation ditch in El Prado, NM.

Flashback to North Wales, where I lived and worked at an Outdoor Pursuit Center on the west coast in 1974-75.

The Ogwen Valley is one of the most beautiful valleys in North Wales. During that year, I spent many days rock climbing in the area with the guides and instructors I worked with. The Idwal slabs in the upper left of the picture are one of the most popular places to climb in Wales. I shot this picture on a return visit to Wales in 2013.

Ogwen Valley, North Wales
Ogwen Valley, North Wales.

A year in Wales may sound like a long time to visit and see all the sites. I had never traversed the Crib Goch Ridge seen in the picture below while living there. On a visit there in 1982, it was time to add the route to the list of the places I climbed and hiked. It was a marvelous experience, one I’ll remember for life. It’s not a very difficult hike, but I did take along enough gear and clothing prepared should I have to spend the night out there. Weather in this part of Wales, with the storms coming off the Atlantic and Irish Seas, can change rapidly, turning a warm, early summer day into a winter day.

Crib Goch Snowdonia National Park, North Wales
Crib Goch, Snowdonia National Park, North Wales, 1982

As always, thank you for looking. Have a great week. G.

28 thoughts on “Spring, Northern New Mexico. 05-03-2023”

  1. That acequia runs through the most beautiful view in New Mexico.

    As always, a pleasure to view your work.

    • Thank you, Rob. It is possibly the most iconic acequia in northern New Mexico. I never tire of the view there. G

  2. Great Spring shots of the Taos Spring splendor. Spring is really, finally here! I loved the lovely shots of Wales, also. Gratitude!

    • I appreciate you comments and compliments, Robert. Finally spring, and a beautiful one for the books. Cheers, Robert. G

  3. Thank you for the pictures of Wales. They reminded me of one of my four trips when I climbed Snowden…all fifty feet of it after getting off the tram. Really do love my ancestral homeland.

  4. I will be going to England soon, to the Cotswolds, to see my unwell sister and trying to plan an adventure while there. I have always wanted to climb Snowdon but it looks a bit daunting to say the least! No tram for me!! Nothing like NM’s evening light, such beautiful shots.

    • Hi June. I hope your sister is doing better and I hope you make up Snowdon. Enjoy the Cotswolds. They are a favorite place for me. Nothing like the NM light. Thanks June. Safe travels. G

  5. I loved northern New Mexico the first time I visited, over 20 years ago now. I am falling in love with it all over again through your remarkable photos. They surely do inspire me rethink some life decisions and wonder why I’ve waited so long to live there. The Acequias are my favorite thing about the area. Thanks for sharing Geraint!


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