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Close The Gate, Sunset, Dennis Hopper, Shiprock. 05-17-23.

Greetings from San Cristobal, New Mexico. This week, “Close the Gate”, a sunset from the deck, Dennis Hopper in Taos, and a short video of the outstanding Shiprock formation in the four corners area of the American Southwest.

“Close the Gate, Please!” … and don’t touch the wire in an approaching storm. Stretch gates are a favorite subject of my photography, I can’t pass one by.

Close the Gate
Please! Close the Gate.

Sunset over the north flanks of Pueblo Peak, (Taos Mountain) from the deck, naturally. I shared the view with a good friend and a glass of Talisker single malt.

Sunset 05-16-23
Sunset, with Pueblo Peak, (Taos Mountain).

It’s Dennis Hopper Day in Taos, May 27, 2023. I had the good fortune to take a number of pictures of Dennis. Here is the last photo I shot of him driving through Taos Plaza, shortly before he passed. He was very gracious to me and I enjoyed meeting him.

Dennis Hopper, Taos
Dennis Hopper, Taos Plaza, 2009

I shot the video below of Shiprock driving through the Four Corners area of the American Southwest last spring. It’s time to get out there again. Perhaps this coming fall.

As always, thank you for looking. G

14 thoughts on “Close The Gate, Sunset, Dennis Hopper, Shiprock. 05-17-23.”

  1. Fabulous work… this landscape definitely resonates deep in your blood now. Thanks for generously sharing these blog posts to transport us back for a quick trip

  2. Thanks for sharing, Geraint. I love the video! I have an image of a NM stretch gate somewhere in my files I’ll have to find. We were due into Santa Fe today, but had to cancel. False medical alarm, so all is ok. We’re coming in August.

    • Wow, I hope everything is okay? You are the third person I’ve heard from who canceled or delayed their trip this week. I have a folder of stretch gates. I don’t know why they fascinate me but they do. Thank you Mark. G

  3. Two nostalgic pieces. As a former Real Estate Agent showing more remote properties, I quickly understood the necessity of “closing the gate”. There is an art to pushing it close enough to hook the wire…then again, I wasn’t wonder woman at the time; but I managed.
    The other is your drive showing the sculpture and the forever present, haunting Shiprock. You captured what I feel whenever I drive that way. Thanks for the memories.

    • Thanks so much, Jo. I’ve wrapped my fingers and knuckles a few times opening and closing stretch gates. I appreciate your comments and compliments. I hope you are doing well. G

  4. Love the video & pics. Always enjoy your blogs. Wish we could move back to NM if the market would straighten out.


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