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Out with the old and in with the new! After 15 years and 3 months of posting a photo of the day, I’m going to start a photo of the week with an occasional post from the road. If you are already signed up you can look forward to a photo in your email every Wednesday evening. It’s time for changes and it feels like the perfect moment in time to change. I’m looking forward to moving on and have you share in the new developments. The archive pages have been updated for you to continue enjoying your favorite photos. The purchase print pages will be updated more often with new images added in easy to view categories. Photo tours are still on the agenda for 2021, with safe travel between locations in separate vehicles and socially distanced shooting space on-site, not too difficult to achieve out here in the west. I hope you’ll enjoy the improvements and I look forward to your continued friendship and support of my work. Geraint

Taos Mountain Shadows

6 thoughts on “New Photo of the Week”

  1. Geraint, I understand your need to make some changes; posting a new image every day is a very laborious task indeed. But I’ll miss my evening visits to your site, as you’ve provided a wonderful window for me to always keep an eye on my favorite place when I’m not there myself.

    I wish you and Pamela another year of health, happiness and peace of mind. I look forward to one day meeting with you again at Elevation Coffee.


    • Thank you so much, Rob that means a lot to me. Happy New Year and best wishes to you and we’ll see you soon as we can. Geraint

  2. Thank you for the selfless daily sharing of your art for so long. That “moment of euphoria” that your posts have allowed me to experience are appreciated more than you will know.


    • Thank you so much, Scott. That means a great deal. I will occasionally post more than one photo so you can still look forward to that as well. My very best to you. Happy New Year. Geraint

  3. I was quite worried that my last ‘Photo of the Day’ was December 24 and had not updated on my home screen. I have followed you for most of the 15 years of ‘Photo of the Day’. Before doing any work in my dreary high rise office building in downtown Chicago 14 years ago, I would sign into your site. It would give me a bit of motivation knowing what awaited me in retirement.
    Thank you for the daily treat and the two workshops and book which resulted from your dedication. I have been with you through life changing events and watched a daughter grow up.

    Thank you Geraint and best wishes to you in beautiful Northern NM,


    • Dear Harold, I apologize for the delay. I remember my trips with you very well and we’ve had a lot of fun and camaraderie making images. I also appreciate your compliments over the years and following my work. Your friendship means a lot. Yes, you were there. Thank you so much, Harold. I hope to see you soon in the SW. Geraint


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