Barley Fields, Ute Mountain, Colorado

Barley fields, Ute Mountain, San Luis Valley, Colorado. Interestingly enough, “Sting” was playing in Taos on Labor Day. Too many people (8000) in a small park in town for me to want to attend. But I do like his song “Fields of Gold” and I much prefer the solitude in these fields of golden barley. I grew up surrounded by barley and wheat fields in Yorkshire, England, so this scene took me back a ways. Thanks for looking. G

Barley Fields, Ute Mountain, Colorado

4 thoughts on “Barley Fields, Ute Mountain, Colorado

    1. There’s not much out there to disturb the peace and quiet. Thanks Ron. Good chatting yesterday. Glad you all came through the hurricane. G

  1. Lovely photo. Brings back memories of warm summer days. By the way Geraint,have you heard the version of Fields of Gold sung by Eva Cassidy. Absolutely fantastic. Sadly she died far too young.

    1. Hi Elizabeth. I know of Eva Cassidy but I can’t say I’ve heard her sing. Thank you for sharing. I’ll look her up and give it a listen. G

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