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Dark-Eyed Juncos, Garden, Snow

Dark-Eyed Juncos, in the garden and the snow today. I had fun hanging out with about five dozen of these little ones storming the bird feeders today. They were unafraid of the guy with the camera in polar gear, and as long as I stood still they stayed around, happily devouring a few pounds of seed. Over the last six days they’ve gone through 30 pounds of seed. And me? After I darned near froze my fingers off and the battery in the camera died in the 20º temps, it was time for a cup of tea! Thanks for looking. G

Dark-Eyed Juncos, in the garden and the snow today.

Dark-Eyed Juncos, in the garden

Dark-eyed Junco

Dark-eyed Junco San Cristobal garden

Dark-eyed Junco on the fence



4 thoughts on “Dark-Eyed Juncos, Garden, Snow”

  1. Nice Photos, One thing about Juncos, you can take several photos and then spend hours trying to determine the variety. For instance, it could be argued that #3 is a pink sided, #5 could be a red-backed or a gray-headed. Look for the white-winged Junco in Ponderosa pine of NE New Mexico and SE Colorado in the winter.

  2. Thank you Mark, I just looked them up and your assessment seems solid. I would guess grey-headed on number five. There were a number of the Oregon variety also, generally foraging beyond the fence and out of range of a “good” shot. Thanks for the heads up on the white-winged Junco and thanks for taking the time to write. G


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