4 thoughts on “El Malpais, Rocks, Tree, Sandstone Bluffs

  1. Personal opinion, not a fact. Excellent composition. Slightly too much vignetting. Would be better if the zone system was used: Brightest spots white. Darkest spots black.

    1. Hi James. Thanks for the compliment on composition. The vignetting is created for effect using stressed film edges to recreate a look of a photo that may have been found in a box of images from my past. I have some old images that look like this. Although I admit it rendered quite dark on screen, so I lightened it up some but not enough to ruin my original intention. There will be more images I post so you might get a sense of consistency in the project. These pieces are not based on true whites and blacks which I personally don’t like. I appreciate your looking and opinion though. Thanks James. G

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