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Lewis’s Woodpecker, San Cristobal

Lewis’s Woodpecker, a regular visitor to the garden in San Cristobal, NM. When I finally looked at the images I discovered that he wasn’t trying to retrieve a kernel or two or three from the hole in the fence post, he was drinking the snow melt water that had accumulated there. As you can see I caught the drip. I love these birds. Thanks for looking. G

Lewis's Woodpecker San Cristobal

10 thoughts on “Lewis’s Woodpecker, San Cristobal”

    • They certainly are and I’ve been a bird watcher since my dad built us a birdhouse/feeder in Wales when I was six. Thanks Melissa. G

    • It flies back and fore to it’s stash in two different trees, the cottonwood and juniper. He has been furiously raiding the bird feeder in the garden and flying to either the cottonwood or the juniper. Rather randomly with no order as to which he chooses, so I’ve watched him in flight and yes there are many pine nuts and acorns in the neighborhood. Thanks Mark. G

    • We’ve had half a dozen here at once in the past. This one has settled in for the duration. Not sure you have them in Florida. Thanks Ron. G

    • He doesn’t usually stick around in one spot long enough for me to get a good photo. This time I opened the door and approached him gingerly, and got a number of shots before he got nervous and flew off. I’m sure his beady eye was definitely on me. Thanks Alison. G


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